Happy WOYWW!

Kids. Humph. DS asked for a card for his GF.  I made on of the pop up stand ones with this image:


I wanted to make the base/stand so that the entire tag was hidden inside till it was “opened” so spend quite a bit of time playing with the measurements, experimenting with different ones to see if I could get what I needed:


LOTS of variations.  I finally settled on one and made it then made the mistake of telling DS the quote I thought would be nice one it. And stupidly I said “…but it would be so much better if it had day on the other side and this piece was for night”


Thus began the not-so-subtle pressure from DS for me to abandon this version and figure out how to make one that was 1/2 one colour base, 1/2 another and a double sided pop up.  DOH! That was my desk at about 1 PM. A couple of hours later I had the two-part base sorted.

Of course I had to do it for him, and that is what is on my W today. I pretty much just swept stuff aside to clear a bit of space to colour. I’ll finish it off before he goes but may not manage it today.


So far I’m liking it.  And he does too.  Just need to see about a big envelope.

Such a busy day – getting DS to the dentist, shopping for him for his holiday and beyond, grocery shopping, ice skating lesson for DD, Drs. for a prescription refill for DH… it’s going to be running around all day long.  I’m hoping to squeeze in some early visits but then it’ll be evening before I can get back to it. I cannot believe how it always seems to be on a Wednesday!

Ah well, at least the sun is shining…as I type this Tuesday night.  Here’s hoping for a sunny WOYWW day – at least I am forced to be out and about where I can enjoy it!

Have a good one….