The A to Z and 123 of me Printable Project Life cards

A funny thing – I have had a documentary in my LoveFilm queue for AGES.  It is listed as Limited Availability and had not moved in my queue for maybe a year.  Once LoveFilm was acquired by Amazon UK all of a sudden it shifted to my on-the-way discs.  I was, it has to be said, stupidly excited by this.  The documentary was about Helvetica, the font.  OK, stop laughing.  Seriously.  It was fascinating.  This was the second documentary that had been lurking in my queue that said Unavailable to Rent or Limited Availability that showed up.  The other one was Harlan County USA, about the coal miners strike in the 1970s and the film that ignited my passion for documentaries.  Now if I can just tease Tampopo out of LoveFilm I will be a happy camper…

The point is it made me think about fonts in a different way.  I love a nice grungy oddball font, don’t get me wrong, but the beauty of a pure, well-designed typeface is undeniable.  And I will be forever thankful the Steve made sure he licensed  Linotype fonts for the Mac (and laughed out loud at the font guy in the DVD extras who called Microsoft “evil” for opting to design their OWN, similar typeface, a poor imitation of a Linotype font, to avoid paying the fee) cause I have all the Helvetica I need.



It’s not ALL Helvetica, the A and the Z are Futura, another perfectly simple but beautiful typeface, but there you go.

These are simple but might be useful for you.  If so, grab the two page PDF here. I’ve tried to mix up the colours and orientation, although I do realize now I made both the boy/girl blue/pink versions exactly the same,  portrait-style.  Ah, well – if you are desperate for them rotated landscape, or for some other colourway, you know me – drop me a comment and when I find time I’ll probably make it and add it.

I am hoping that I can get back to more messy play in a few days when DD is back in school (inset DAY I get, but inset WEEK??) and DS has jetted off to Spain to join his GF and her family for a week in the sun, then back off to Uni.  I am losing hope I will get to the ADL journal and finish it before the half-way point in the year.  Still, I AM more about the process sometimes than the result so while I am slightly frustrated by that fact I’m sure I’ll live.  And learned a LOT about how I might prep a 2015 version so I can hit the ground running on 1 January….