Printables flair badges – a sample

As I said when I created the flair-style badges, the reason I did then was from a request on UKScrappers.  The member there, ChelleBelle, asked:

Hi all,

I’m wondering if anyone knows of any good places to get PL Embelishment Printables… ideally for making your own Flairs. I have a 1 inch Circle cutter and 1 inch clear epoxy stickers, so would like to make my own flairs

We had a little back and forth discussion and narrowed down what she was looking for:

Just looking for 1″ round flair badge style printables. I like badges, but they are bit bulky for PL pages. Either wording or pretty patterns… just a mix really, and more British like (I like most embellies, but some can be very Americanised!)

That was what drove the design.  You can see the post and the download here. This is the photo Chelle posted (re-posted here with her permission!)


And after she added the little epoxy domes:


Not bad!  Very exciting for me to get to see the final use of something I made – it happens all to infrequently.  I wonder if people just pin my printables then never end up using them, so to see them like this really pleases me.

I do prefer the domes to Glossy Accents (faster to use as GA takes a while to dry!) although some people mentioned the stickers when yellow with long storage, so I guess there is that caveat to consider.

Another member (who hasn’t posted a photo…YET!) mentioned how she edited the file to add her own text and images.  My reason for adding the BLANK badges was so people could do that, but it sounds like she actually edited the PDF of the decorated file.  I await more info on that before sharing.

Busy day today, a rare family day out with DS home from Uni for all too short a time, so no new content.  If you are out and about as we are, enjoying the sunshine and balmy weather, have a GREAT day!