Practical uses for Thermomorph – the final review


One of my commenters, a qualified Electrical Technician, says:

Fire can be caused by the amount of leakage of power as it comes down the lines from the main power source in the street and what your power box dumps etc. There are 2 types of appliances in your house and earthed appliance and a non earthed appliance. Your charger for your iPod, iPhone is a non earthed appliance which means the earth that it does not use has to return to the main power source therefore leaking back into the system. If your wires are broken this leakage can happen right where the damage is and not return to it’s intended source. I am hoping you understand me here. You are forcing a leaking appliance to not work properly and causing a potential health, life and fire hazard. Please for your own sake, just chop the item and replace it with a new one. 

I don’t know if the same thing applies to USA power (two-prong plugs, lower voltage) but I would prefer to err on the side of caution and not encourage people to do anything that might be potentially dangerous.  Given that I think I will just delete the rest of the post.



Overall, my thoughts are that Thermomorph is not only useful but a heck of a lot of fun to play with!  I still have LOADS of ideas I want to try out, pairing the Thermomorph with those silicone caulk molds, and will share if and when I follow thru. I’ve done a lot with it so far, even sharing our a bit at the WOYWW crop, and I still have well over 1/2 the 500 gram tub left.  I love that it can be re-heated and reused, so there is almost no waste. I am quite sure when my review tub is gone I’ll buy myself another one – it’s the kind of thing that I would want to have around when a new idea hits me!

Product Name: Thermomorph
Price: £19.95
Size: 500 grams
Material: Polymorph granules

Thermomorph Amazon page: polymorph
Thermomorph website: Thermomorph

US readers can try this link at Amazon USA instead.