Well, I finally sorted out my internet issues from last week (with DH’s help) by changing to a different DNS.  Fingers crossed all will be well to WOYWW hop this week and I won’t get tons of Server Not Found messages.  Phew.

What is on my workdesk this week is a new flower mold, some homemade alcohol ink, and a bit more Thermomorph.  I did hear back from the seller of the eye-dropper bottles (for the alcohol inks) who let me know they will be sending the nozzle tips ASAP. Yippee!


I wanted to see if I could meld bits in a single mold so I mixed up a bit of gold and a bit of an apricot-y orange and stuffed the orange in the centre of the flower mold and then topped it with the gold.  I found that mixing in the Pearl-Ex then dropping to wad back into the hot water while I mixed the second colour allowed me to keep both bits pliable.  OK, so maybe I should have picked two more contrasting colours but I think you can see the difference even in these similar shades.  In real life they are more different.


I have both my kids home with me today – I hope we can do something a bit fun, maybe go out to lunch even, or watch a movie – or MAYBE, as both kids love the Home Alone movies and I don’t , they can watch one and I can get a couple of hours to visit desks while they do {wink} More than likely neither will surface till noon….

Have a happy post-Anniversary WOYWW.