ATC haul and a bit of a whinge


On the most important day in the WOYWW calendar (the anniversary week) I got totally ambushed. DH had to work away, so I had not only DD home on school holiday, but DS back from Uni and his girlfriend visiting from Scotland. We ended up going to a movie and doing a bit of clothes shopping and I had to put off my WOYWW visits till this morning. I’ve been fighting with Blogger for HOURS and have barely made a dent. I keep getting Not Found errors, seeing posts that have only a ? instead of a photo, have to try 3 or 4 times to get the comment to post…it’s driving me MAD! But I am persevering until I get to all my commenters and as many of the other deskers as I can (I’ve never been able to comment on some blogs – I may visit them every week but I can’t comment as a WordPresser) until DS and GF arise. GF is anxious to play with the Gelli plate so that is what I will do. I need to pop out tomorrow to source a couple of things and then Themomorph for sure!

For today I’ll add my ATC haul – and oh shoot. Let me just quickly take another photo as I can see I missed one out! DOH!



Working in columns from the BIG tag:

  • Debbie (tatteredrocks)
  • Helen (stamping by H)


  • Cindy (plantlist)
  • Cardarian
  • Maggie (silvercrafter)


  • Kyla (lilpidge)
  • Bleubeard & Elizabeth (alteredbooklover)
  • Chris (pearshapedchris)


  • Shazsilverwolf
  • Miz Dunnit, our hostess
  • ATC by tatteredrocks Debbie


  • LLJs fragrant pillow ATC
  • Robyn0
  • Belinda (acorncrafts)
  • Craftygasheadzo
  • and Fairythoughts Janet

what a lovely selection, and they will totally fill my ATC book.

Now, back to fighting with t’internet.  DH tells me IM is behaving badly, and I didn’t have the easiest time sorting this post on WordPress either, so perhaps it is a more global issue than just with Blogger?  {sigh} isn’t that just typical?  As soon as I clear the decks for a task SOMETHING goes wrong…

Update:  Try as I might, over and over again, I can’t get to: Ohhh Snap, queenartopia, Nikki C, shazsilverwolf, Elizabeth W, Anne or Kyla! I keep getting THIS:


…and I can’t see the photo on MY blog post either.  I am giving up for the day but ladies I promise to get back to you as soon as I can.  It’s been three hours to do about 20 visits and comments and every one has been a struggle.  So sorry.  I had planned to visit every desk this week but the universe is conspiring against me!


4 thoughts on “ATC haul and a bit of a whinge

  1. computers really suck sometimes!! Hope you get on better soon, I use Chrome too, and fingers crossed (apart from my very old useless modem I really must ring up and moan about) is ok….

  2. Morning or is it afternoon there? 😀 Anyways, thanks for stopping by even with your tech problems. The more we depend on these techie things the more they conspire against us. I’m with Eliza let’s go have a cocktail after first soundly kicking the bloody thing. giggle smirk….. I think yours is the site I pulled the free ATC back printables for WOYWW 5….sorry to say I couldn’t get them printed (see what I mean…conspiracy ) …I wanted to print them on clear transfer paper so they needed to be reverse images….aarrgghh. Any who’s it…thank you for putting them out for us. Hope your tech issues settle down soon. Have a great rest of the week. Thanks for the earlier visit! Hugs and Happy WOYWW5! Nan G #73

  3. Hey Sweetie, just kick the bloody router then go and have a vodka and lemonade and if that doesn’t help have another vodka and lemonade until the pain goes away, hey it works for me…… LOL as for visiting me, you really don’t have to stress try clicking the link on a former post of Julia’s sometimes that helps, there is always ways around the system. If all else fails have another vodka with less lemonade. Now onto serious stuff you are not on my list to receive an ATC and I would love to send you one as a RAK ok stress free as the person that I am to send to below me is already receiving from me so I have a spare and I want you to get it. So email me will you. elizabethanneharmsatyahoodotcom with your address details and I will pop it into the post in the next day or so, so bonus ha…. have a better week and if you don’t comment on my blog I understand. Try using chrome instead of IE.

    Happy 5th WOYWW Anniversary
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda #8

  4. When I started up the computer this morning and logged on to the internet, nothing was working properly. I had to close down and use CCleaner to get rid of all the rubbish my system had gathered, and it now seems to be coping again. This is Shaz’s address which might work for you – If you can grab a place on that retreat with Barbara, do it asap. I am sure you will love it. In case you haven’t noticed, she will be on Create and Craft this Sunday between 9am and 11am. Her shows are always brilliant. I am going to the very first retreat in July and staying over to the following day so that I can meet up with more folks who are coming to the second one. I really wanted to go to one of the open days, but it is just too far to go for one day and the dogs are already going stir crazy when they come back from kennels. Maybe next year and I could take the caravan down and park it on the car park for a couple of nights and then have a look at the area too. Let me know how you get on. xx Maggie #49

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