ATC haul and a bit of a whinge

On the most important day in the WOYWW calendar (the anniversary week) I got totally ambushed. DH had to work away, so I had not only DD home on school holiday, but DS back from Uni and his girlfriend visiting from Scotland. We ended up going to a movie and doing a bit of clothes shopping and I had to put off my WOYWW visits till this morning. I’ve been fighting with Blogger for HOURS and have barely made a dent. I keep getting Not Found errors, seeing posts that have only a ? instead of a photo, have to try 3 or 4 times to get the comment to post…it’s driving me MAD! But I am persevering until I get to all my commenters and as many of the other deskers as I can (I’ve never been able to comment on some blogs – I may visit them every week but I can’t comment as a WordPresser) until DS and GF arise. GF is anxious to play with the Gelli plate so that is what I will do. I need to pop out tomorrow to source a couple of things and then Themomorph for sure!

For today I’ll add my ATC haul – and oh shoot. Let me just quickly take another photo as I can see I missed one out! DOH!



Working in columns from the BIG tag:

  • Debbie (tatteredrocks)
  • Helen (stamping by H)


  • Cindy (plantlist)
  • Cardarian
  • Maggie (silvercrafter)


  • Kyla (lilpidge)
  • Bleubeard & Elizabeth (alteredbooklover)
  • Chris (pearshapedchris)


  • Shazsilverwolf
  • Miz Dunnit, our hostess
  • ATC by tatteredrocks Debbie


  • LLJs fragrant pillow ATC
  • Robyn0
  • Belinda (acorncrafts)
  • Craftygasheadzo
  • and Fairythoughts Janet

what a lovely selection, and they will totally fill my ATC book.

Now, back to fighting with t’internet.  DH tells me IM is behaving badly, and I didn’t have the easiest time sorting this post on WordPress either, so perhaps it is a more global issue than just with Blogger?  {sigh} isn’t that just typical?  As soon as I clear the decks for a task SOMETHING goes wrong…

Update:  Try as I might, over and over again, I can’t get to: Ohhh Snap, queenartopia, Nikki C, shazsilverwolf, Elizabeth W, Anne or Kyla! I keep getting THIS:


…and I can’t see the photo on MY blog post either.  I am giving up for the day but ladies I promise to get back to you as soon as I can.  It’s been three hours to do about 20 visits and comments and every one has been a struggle.  So sorry.  I had planned to visit every desk this week but the universe is conspiring against me!