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Well, DS’s tooth extraction didn’t go as well as planned, despite the fact this tooth was meant to be the EASIER one.  Apparently they ended up leaving a bit of the tooth still in there, with the surgeon saying it wouldn’t cause a problem. He felt that drilling further to be able to bet it out could do more damage than benefit.  I guess I find that hard to believe, so will have to do a little research on it.  Any stories to share?

As I missed blogging yesterday due to administering ice packs, painkillers and soup, and today I am getting everything sorted for the big WOYWW 5th anniversary crop tomorrow, as well as more of the same mothering as required, I thought I would just add this set of printables I had made.  I selected the bar code font as Font of the Week on UKScrappers a couple of weeks back and was trying to create something using it.  While the B&W version was fine, it was a bit boring, and certainly something anyone could create on their own, so I took a bit more time, made it colourful, then used clipping masks to divide the black and the colourful versions into TEXT and BARS then recombined them to get these:


I made two versions – for those of us in the UK there is a POUNDS And PENCE version here, and for the USA readers there is a DOLLARS and CENTS version here. If you use any other sort of currency, you can just ignore those.  I shifted some of them down, leaving room for a small amount of journaling at the top. Hope you find them useful.

and now, off to check out wisdom teeth….Hello Google, my old friend….

3 thoughts on “Barcode printables

  1. Love these, I’m thinking of all sorts of uses for them – thank you so much!

  2. Yes, I had a tooth extracted and they left a bit in there when I was a young teen. It was extremely painful and noone believed there was still something there. later it did have to be removed. If they can feel it or its painful, insist that it’s removed.

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  3. oh wow Mary Anne, these are genius, love them! Thanks for sharing them. Have a brilliant day tomorrow :o)

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