Barcode printables

Well, DS’s tooth extraction didn’t go as well as planned, despite the fact this tooth was meant to be the EASIER one.  Apparently they ended up leaving a bit of the tooth still in there, with the surgeon saying it wouldn’t cause a problem. He felt that drilling further to be able to bet it out could do more damage than benefit.  I guess I find that hard to believe, so will have to do a little research on it.  Any stories to share?

As I missed blogging yesterday due to administering ice packs, painkillers and soup, and today I am getting everything sorted for the big WOYWW 5th anniversary crop tomorrow, as well as more of the same mothering as required, I thought I would just add this set of printables I had made.  I selected the bar code font as Font of the Week on UKScrappers a couple of weeks back and was trying to create something using it.  While the B&W version was fine, it was a bit boring, and certainly something anyone could create on their own, so I took a bit more time, made it colourful, then used clipping masks to divide the black and the colourful versions into TEXT and BARS then recombined them to get these:


I made two versions – for those of us in the UK there is a POUNDS And PENCE version here, and for the USA readers there is a DOLLARS and CENTS version here. If you use any other sort of currency, you can just ignore those.  I shifted some of them down, leaving room for a small amount of journaling at the top. Hope you find them useful.

and now, off to check out wisdom teeth….Hello Google, my old friend….