WOYWW 259! Nearly there…


Happy WOYWW!

It’s the BIG 5th Anniversary Crop on Saturday.  Unless DS has problems with his tooth extraction on Thursday (like he can afford to lose any “wisdom” LOL!) I’ll be there.  I’ve been dithering about what to bring to do – I will come by train so don’t want to bring masses of stuff, and I enjoy the chatting and the in-person snooping, so I though I might bring my extra ATCs to trade, but on a whim I also designed these little spiky guys.  I may print a load of them out and make them for anyone who wants one as a little commemorative item to take away.



I have changed it, so the text is easier to read and doesn’t curve around the body quite so much.  Doesn’t he look like he is wide-eyed with appreciation of your extreme craftiness?

I’ve made a few of these in the last few days – love the process, from the designing of the area to print to the slightly fiddly construction.  This one is big, cause he’s for me but the actual one prints two to a sheet so is more like the smallest one here.


That one is about 4 inches from sitting butt to tip of the pointy ears. Cute and compact. You can also see two I made for DS – one with a favourite musician (read yesterday’s post if you don’t know who it is – and really, why would you? You’re not a 21 YO gamer, are you?) and one with a photo some Dundee nightclub posted and tagged him on – him and his girlfriend  on a night out.

Lastly, since my desk is so clean, I could scoot all that away to take a quick shot of my two Rainbow Babies for Margaret at glitterandglue. I’ll aim to pop them in the mail the same day I send out my ATCs.
See some of you on Saturday!

29 thoughts on “WOYWW 259! Nearly there…

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  2. Oh I forgot…the black magic looks terrific…gotta try that 🙂

  3. Wow the rainbow babies are hug-ably cute, colorful and round. Your sure to be a hit at the crop. Wish i could come 😦 have a blast then tell us all about it. Carole #52

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your little spiky woywwers. And your knitted dolls are absolutely adorable : ). I can’t wait to hear the crop details and wish I was there to join in the fun.

  5. Oh my these are fabulous….I know what u mean about what to do, I currently have enough stuff to fill my boot but often spend the day chatting and seeing peoples work in the flesh. These would be brilliant to make Saturday and I need to pop over to his site to see what other templates are available.

    Looking forward to a catch up

  6. Those spiky creations are too cute!! How clever. Brigita #80

  7. Hey #1- will be getting my Joy throughout you at the crop so LOTS of photos please!
    Thanks for the snoop around.
    Robyn 30

  8. I’m simply in love with those rainbow babies! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #22

  9. Hey Mary Anne, love your little spikey guys, wish I was going on Saturday, have lots of fun catching up and creating :o) Annie C #57

  10. Cute spikys – and I love the little ‘dolly mixture’ dolls (well, that’s what they remind me of!) Have a great time at the crop, and a lovely week. Chris xx

  11. Your pointed ear spiky people are brilliant ….. Take lots of photos on Saturday so wish I lived a bit nearer to join the fun! Hope sons tooth extraction goes ok …… Jackie 13

  12. Love the spiky guys! Well done for the two little dolls, I used to make knitted toys for my boys but don’t think I could do it now! Looking forward to meeting you on Saturday!! Chris 46

  13. Loving Mr Spiky, what fun you will all have. Can’t wait to see the photos.
    Happy crafting for Saturday, Angela 41

  14. Good morning. Can’t believe it’s Wednesday again already! Thanks for letting us in to peek at your creative space.
    Wow those critters look cool!
    Hope you have a good week too.
    Neil #40

  15. Well done for doing those dolls for Margaret, that’s one thing I’ve just had to pass on, no time and I’m rubbish at small fiddly knitting! Look forward to seeing you on Saturday…..PARTY TIME 🙂
    Hugs, LLJ 21 xx

  16. Pointy eared souvenirs – only you – they are fab! Love the picture of DS and girl, can see why the nightclub chose that! The dollies are gorgeous, how sweet and such a great idea don’t ya think. If you want to do more and need some more yarn, I’ve just unpicked a blanket. Also…Di of Pixies Crafty Workshop is coming to the Crop and yep – lives in Basingstoke and is driving..should I hook her up with you?

  17. I love those little critters they are so cute. You must work around the clock to get so much done. Have fun at the crop.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza & Sleepy head Yoda 26

  18. p.s. Love the knitted dolls!

  19. Cool pointy-eared thingies! Wish I could go cropping with y’all. Maybe I’ll hook up with Bluebeard & Elizabeth for the trip o’er the pond. 😉 I’m currently trying to print your ATC backs on clear paper so I can stick em to the backs. Wish me luck. Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #10

  20. well done Mary Anne on that knitting there .. what a great way to share like that!! and your little outer space men for WOYWW are soo cute.. not probably how you see them but is how I did!! congrats on being numero uno too Shaz in Oz.x #14

  21. Enjoy your time at the crop. I sent a whole lot of ATCs to swap at the crop to Alison H (Ali H) from Wales…hope they get to her in time. Did you get my ATC yet? It should have arrived by now! Love your little guys.

  22. How cute see these guys have fun at the crop this weekend and I’m sure anyone who makes them are going to just love him to bits congrats on #1 this week too hugs Nikki 3

  23. oh cute! pump DS full of painkillers and get that train, lol!! I’m on the train too, but Julia has offered to put me up Friday so i’m going a day early.. am still dithering a bit about what to take but think I’m sorted now.. ! Love those little critters though… Helen 8

  24. OMgoodness your little ear guys are super. Have a great time at the crop and I absolutely love your instructions for the gorgeous tags. I can see what I will be doing this weekend.
    Sandra de @10

  25. Those little paper5 creations are just so darned cute!! Well done.Love those little knitted babies too!

  26. Your spiky little guys look great. See you on Saturday. I’m bringing cake. Haven’t thought about which crafty stuff yet. Got to get the priorities right!

  27. You should get a degree in Paper Engineering. These are SO cute.

    Be sure to take your camera on Saturday. I want PICTURES of the crop. I live vicariously, so it will make me feel like I was there, even though we both know that won’t happen, at least not this year (grin).

    No number yet, but I’m getting an early start, since Julia is still sleeping.

    • I wish I could take credit for the spiky guy but the template is actually one from a series (actually maybe 6 or 7 series) of similar ones by a well-know toy designer. From what I can find he shares them but for a limited time so finding a template online was a bit of a challenge. I quite fancy the grown-up Spiky but it looks challenging!

      Maybe next year? 🙂


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