WOYWW 259! Nearly there…

Happy WOYWW!

It’s the BIG 5th Anniversary Crop on Saturday.  Unless DS has problems with his tooth extraction on Thursday (like he can afford to lose any “wisdom” LOL!) I’ll be there.  I’ve been dithering about what to bring to do – I will come by train so don’t want to bring masses of stuff, and I enjoy the chatting and the in-person snooping, so I though I might bring my extra ATCs to trade, but on a whim I also designed these little spiky guys.  I may print a load of them out and make them for anyone who wants one as a little commemorative item to take away.



I have changed it, so the text is easier to read and doesn’t curve around the body quite so much.  Doesn’t he look like he is wide-eyed with appreciation of your extreme craftiness?

I’ve made a few of these in the last few days – love the process, from the designing of the area to print to the slightly fiddly construction.  This one is big, cause he’s for me but the actual one prints two to a sheet so is more like the smallest one here.


That one is about 4 inches from sitting butt to tip of the pointy ears. Cute and compact. You can also see two I made for DS – one with a favourite musician (read yesterday’s post if you don’t know who it is – and really, why would you? You’re not a 21 YO gamer, are you?) and one with a photo some Dundee nightclub posted and tagged him on – him and his girlfriend  on a night out.

Lastly, since my desk is so clean, I could scoot all that away to take a quick shot of my two Rainbow Babies for Margaret at glitterandglue. I’ll aim to pop them in the mail the same day I send out my ATCs.
See some of you on Saturday!