Paper toy from a Gelli print


Just a bit of fun on a Monday morning.

You may know that I love paper sculptures and especially paper figures.  I was browsing thru a book I have of advertising templates.  It’s mostly packaging, but I always get inspired by it – seeing how to make flat paper altered into 3D sculpture is fascinating.  It often gives me ideas for other sorts of projects. In flipping thru t I found the most adorable little toy.  Frustratingly, there is no template for it in the book.  It seems to be just a photo.


I had a little Google on t’internet and finally found a template to download.  It was a PDF.  Now, the PDF was mighty cluttered.


There were words and pictures, and the lines were very faint.  Many of the templates were meant to be printed then cut and folded.  I wanted to be able to use a favorite Gelli print to make my spiky guy so I needed to alter it, just a bit.  One of the best thing about my odd little Mac-only program is that when I open a PDF in it, 99% of the time I can edit it.  All the little lines appear as individual line paths.  They can be deleted, or grouped and the colour changed.


It’s a little time-consuming and takes a bit of focus, but in the end I was able to get to this.


I wanted the sneakers and the hem detail to actually print so you could see it, so I changed that to black, instead of pale grey.  I stuck it over the Gelli print and cut it out.


Using the extra little bits I managed to get the two arms and the top-of-the-head joiner, and in the end got this!


It is designed to be cut and folded from plain printer paper – wanting something a little more sturdy I added some stiffer black card to line it – that worked a treat for the arms and legs, less well for the bit between the spiky ears – the extra thickness alters the “fit” slightly but I think I know how to solve that for the next one.


Like most of these little oddball thing, he just makes me smile.  He’s small enough to sit perched on my drawer unit, or windowsill, on top of the router shelf, or anywhere, really.

Like I said, just a bit of fun and something to make me smile.  That, and the sunshine outside (finally) and DS coming home on Wednesday, makes me think this is going to be a lovely week!

7 thoughts on “Paper toy from a Gelli print

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  2. Hee! That is adorable. Very nicely done!!!

  3. are you going to share a pdf and directions so we could make one also? I love it!

  4. That is amazing- You so rock!

  5. That is so cute, I love that you’ve used a gelli print for him!

  6. What a cute little critter! Kudos to you for figuring out how to make it.

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