ADL journal progress

Just a quick catch-up on my progress on my ADL journal. The cover was looking a little bare so I’m planning to add the letters I previewed recently as well as  piece I made and never used, where I  worked directly on t-shirt transfer material, using ink, stamps, and stencils.


The original post where I made this piece is here.


I also used the eraser-carved stamp from my passport photo for the week 2 challenge (a Selfie)


That’s as far as I’ve gotten on the challenges but as I am now into MAY for the weekly pages I anticipate moving to a daily entry very soon!  I imagine I will work up to the 1st of June on the old stuff, then start at the mid-point of the  year.

All the pages start with a similar base – a not too cluttered background, most acrylic paint and simple stamps or stencils, the date and day words printed from my digital design onto graph paper, cut or punched then stuck, with the dividing lines either thin washi tape, stamped borders, or strips of patterned paper – I won’t bore you with close-ups of them all but here is a gallery shot that gives you an overall idea:

That’ll serve as proof I actually HAVE made progress!  I’ve added the small calendar cards from my printables, same font as the day and date bits, so it all ties together.  I’ve opted to keep the two page spreads in similar colours, not quite treating them as a continuous spread, but using the same stencil on technique on both.  You can see from the shine that the photo sleeves are sewn in, one located within each month, and some of the pages are open at the side, where the base envelopes are open, to create pockets.

Phew.  I think I like making the book from scratch, but for it  to function as a proper planner I would probably opt for printed or purchased planner pages in the smaller size.  This book is a MONSTER, and doesn’t really fit even in my quite large purse/bag, so id destined to operate less like a planner and more like a journal/diary. Like most things, this is more about me deciding if I really want to embrace the process by trying it, so I don’t mind spending time on something I may not actually keep up with.  I certainly feel like I’m gaining arty experience and that is always a welcome thing. I’m looking forward to doing more of the weekly prompts to work out the best way to attach or insert the pieces from those, either the stick on flips that are central to the ADL planner design or inside the pockets, that are peculiar to my book.

With DS due back in the week, and the WOYWW crop next week, it’s going to be a challenge for sure to keep pushing forward on this.  But with just a few more spreads till I am caught up datewise, I am resolved and can see the light at the end…