A positive week – daily Project Life printables

I am hoping to make more progress on my journal today so I will just add these printable for anyone who fancies them – a week of positive vibes.

I really struggled with Tuesday and Thursday!  I kept saying them out loud, trying to decide what of the choices I liked best. The list was pretty short: Terrific, Tremendous, Titanic, Top Drawer (perhaps more British, that one) and Top-notch.

I snugged the up towards the top so there is room to add some journaling, right on the background, or maybe as a printed strip.

I’ll be interested to know if the rounded corners are an issue (usually I make the square) and how well they work with the commercial cards.


The PDF is two pages, as you can see, and I’ve add two choices for Sunday – depending on how you spend it, in church or on the football pitch! – and a coupe of plain, no-text ones where you can print or stamp your own words if you like.  I did consider making a downbeat set as a mate, but didn’t, just cause I didn’t think they would be as useful.