WOYWW 258 – a hot mess

Hugely messy today – the power was out for the day while they carried out some electrical work in the area and I got so involved in knitting and my ADL journal that I neglected to take a photo till very late in the day – and I did two frames of a panorama shot, hence the warped view of my desk. Ugh!


There is a little fellow siting there, one of the Rainbow dolls for Margaret’s charity project, and the rest is just chaos.

You can take a peek back to see a little more of the Documented Life pages I did, I managed to get 5 or so more sorted, after I corrected a few date issues due to carelessness.  Happy with it so far, and I’ve managed a couple of the January challenges too. Yippee.

Since it’s all so ugly and boring I’ll just add a couple of better shots from what I’ve been working on:

  • A Project Life card holder made from a freebie wine carrier from the grocery store
  • My “front door” challenge bit from a Documented life
  •  Some printables I made using bits digitally snipped out of photos/scans of my art journal pages

One thing you can’t see amidst the chaos  is Glycerine – I saw some demo on one of the TV shopping channels while channel hopping, showing misting cardstock with glycerine and water to make Distress ink move more freely over the surface.  I am playing with it a bit and it seems to work well. I’ll be sure to report more on my findings.  I have an idea I want to try first…

Have a great WOYWW day – getting quite excited about the crop now….just a few weeks to go!