ADL book look


Against the clock this morning, as my power is due to go out for the day while they carry out some electrical work in my area. But here is a quick look at my handmade A Documented Life book.


Sorry it’s a little dark.


The baseball card sleeve is sewn in, just like the page signatures are, so my book includes elements of the ADL planner, as well as Project Life style (albeit in the smaller ATC/Baseball cards size) photo sleeves.  The photos are not current, but I slipped a few in to show you the basic idea.

The door photo in the first photo, opened up in the second, was interesting to do.  I took photos of the three doors to the house then converted them to “stamps” in PSE and coloured them with coloured pencils.


The journaling is about the fact that DH and I have no real set “location name” for the three doors – we call two doors “the front door” and two doors the “back door” and two doors the “kitchen door” depending on the context – the causes amusement, annoyance and frustration in equal parts.


With the power out I won’t be able to do any online work so I can happily sit at my desk and work on completing the pages to close in on the current week.  I just quickly have to print a few more of the date and day word sheets so I can cut n’ paste them.

With luck it’ll all go smoothly and I’ll be back online sooner than state instead of later.  Fingers crossed!

2 thoughts on “ADL book look

  1. I decided I had to have PS Elements 12 after seeing all your wonderful posts which referenced it. Have you posted about using it to create stamps?? That is my primary interest at the moment, even though I keep getting distracted about other possibilities. I love starting my day with your news. It irritates me that I have to go to work, and can’t immediately pursue art. Being creative is mostly not valued in nursing!

    • I haven’t – well sort of. I posted about using it to convert a photo to a high contrast B&W image that I turned into a stencil. Similar to what I did to create the image I used to carve my stamp-of-me. If you look in the FILTERS drop-down, there is an option for STAMP. You can play with the sliders to make it higher contrast, or change the ratio of BLACK to WHITE, with less or more definition, till you get to a point you can carve it.

      Does that help?


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