Artistic printables for Project Life


I often think I should assign days to the different things I enjoy – Like Sunday is Printables day, Monday is AJ day, Tuesday is Fabric and Yarn day…but I know myself well enough to know that I am easily sidetracked and when I get an idea, and an all-consuming desire to see it thru, then it is really a lost cause to try to force myself to work on something else.  And just cause I am blogging about ONE thing doesn’t mean I’m not working on three other things in the background, but I simply don’t have the willpower to put off sharing whatever is my current obsession of the moment, or whatever I am madly excited about.  I can’t say on a Tuesday Well Tuesday is fabric and Yarn so I’ll just wait till Sunday to share this really cool printable I made.  Just not going to happen.

So while I was working on making the little tabs for my journal that I am converting into A Documented Life.Art Journal hybrid, I had the idea that I might use the same principles, i.e using little clippings from my own art journal pages to create digital products, to make Project Life printables.  It’s a bit of an experiment, and in the end might work out to be of little interest to anyone, but I rather like this set so I’ll share it on the off chance that someone else likes it too.

I simply grabbed bits of photos of my Art Journal pages – and with the Mac-only programs I use this was as easy as:

  • opening a .JPG in Preview
  • selecting a section with the SELECT tool
  • copying it
  • pasting it directly into Intaglio
  • resizing or creating a clipping mask as needed

I used part of one Picasso quote (Every  child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist when we grow up) and a lyric from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (I look handsome, I look smart. I am a walking work of art) for the text and mixed it up, colour-wise and orientation, as much as my limit of 5 cards to a page allows. The PDF is here.

I think they printed beautifully and while some of the detail is a little lost within the letters I hope you can clearly see the  two “match”


Here they are printed.


And a bit of a close up so you can see the detail:


I hope you can make use of them – or take the idea and bring your OWN art journal art into your Project Life books.

And now I made my PL wine-carrier card holder, I have someplace to store them. woo hoo!


6 thoughts on “Artistic printables for Project Life

  1. merci superbes cartes

  2. I absolutely love these! They get my creative juices flowing! The colors are refreshing and stimulating. I cannot say how happy it made me to view these here in the States early on a Monday morning–anything that makes a Monday morning brighter is always a welcome plus! 🙂 Thank you, Mary Anne!

  3. Your printables look lovely – I see why you are delighted with them. I did something similar at the end of last year. I scanned some of my art journal page background sheets (that I had made using a silicon baking mat as I don”t have a jelli plate) and played about altering the size of them, and then printed them out on to A4 size sheets of watercolour paper. I cut the printouts up in to various card size pieces, which I then embellished by adding stitching, to use as backgrounds to for note-lets and greetings cards . On another project I used larger pieces to make note book covers. I really enjoyed the process and will have to make some more.

    • I would highly recommend the Interweave downloadable workshop called Paint Print Layer Collage by Margaret (?) Applin. Her focus is using what she calls “Personal imagery” (ie your own art) by turning it into printable, digital elements, thermofax screens, stencils, stamps – all sorts of uses. I got it during one of their regular sales and I think it cost me under £10. It was well worth it, as it’s just full of interesting and useful info. Check it out – I bet you love it 🙂

      Mary Anne

      PS I think you can also get it on a DVD but not 100% sure 🙂

  4. Hi MaryAnne, these are brilliant and ingenious. I particularly like the quote ‘every child is an artist’. I have saved and scanned my grandchildren’s artwork, originally with the intention of creating a scrap page but now I’m thinking how I can save in a PL layout instead. And when I do I will incorporate one of your cards, so thank you very much for sharing. Elizabeth xx

    • Thanks for the feedback! I did wonder if anyone would find them useful and am so glad you like them. You might consider maybe scanning your grandkid’s art and turning them into a CUSTOM and PERSONAL printable for yourself. That might make it more special, and I’d be glad to help out a fellow WOYWWer 🙂 Maybe we can chat behind the scenes . Of course I am in no way discouraging you fro using MINE, but just a thought….

      Mary Anne

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