Project Life card holder – design refined and easier

I tried and discarded SO many versions of this, mostly to do with decorating it.  The quick and dirty one from yesterday was just that – not hugely attractive, really, but functional.  So I took the time to work out a better way for the basic construction, and minimal decoration (OMG – all those oddly shaped edges to cover where a pain – life’s too short….) and created what I think nicely walks the line between form and function – not butt-ugly but no museum piece.

WARNING: This post is massively photo heavy (40+) but it should be clear enough to follow.  I will create a PDF from the post using my Readability trick but there will be a slight lag between the post going live and the PDF being created then added.  When it has been added you can download the link HERE.  If it doesn’t highlight when you hove, come back.

Some minimal changed to the cutting of the carrier.

Cutting your collapsible Wine Carrier

1. Look at YOUR carrier.  Does it look like this?  If not, you should probably open it up, really look at how it is constructed, and read thru all the steps, checking to note any differences between yours and mine.  PLwine

Measure 3 inches up from the bottom edge.  Check YOUR carrier – this SHOULD fall below the diagonal slashes you see.


Cut thru all layers, dividing the box into the handle section and the base section.


2. Working with the HANDLE section, snip to detach ALL of the dividers.


3. Snip a small bit from each tip (1/4 to 1/2 inch)


NOTE: If you want a holder that hold ALL 3 x 4 cards, SKIP THIS STEP.  If you want a holder that has two  3 x 4 pockets and two 4 x 6 pockets, cut one divider from each side.

4. Cut out one of the dividers, like so:


You don’t have to do this, but I trimmed away the hump on the side, once I determined that didn’t affect the structural integrity of the carrier.


5. Collapse the carrier.  Notice that the two sides are connected but not fully stuck – slip your ruler under the long triangles and measure to the bottom edge.


6. Now measure across.


Mine is about 10 inches across and about 5 inches high.  Cut two pieces of heavy cardstock, adding 2 inches to the across measurement.  My cardstock was A3 size so I had more than an inch on either side, but an inch is enough.  12 x 12 cardstock will be fine.

NOTE:  Bearing in mind you will be slightly crushing the HANDLE section to fit it inside the BASE section, accept there will be a little bowing of this piece in the final project. Or drive yourself crazy trying to accommodate that. Your choice…

7. Score the cardstock. Oops.  Must have missed that photo.  Assuming 10 inches, score at 1 and 11 inches.

8. Fold over the scored section and hold the two pieces back-to-back – slip them into the handle section, just like you did your ruler.


Line up the bottom edge of the cardstock with the bottom edge of the handle section

9. Make sure it all works, then stick the centre sections of the two pieces together.


Slip this into the carrier

10. Mark the flaps to match the angle of the sides

NOTE that I added the paper-backed adhesive first, but if you mark first then you don’t HAVE to use adhesive with a backing paper, and will need slightly less.


11. Cut away the bits


This is really going to depend on YOUR box.  You just want the sides to match.  Feel free to stick first and trim.  For my box, there is a taller, smoother side.


and on the other side, and extra loose layer of the carrier.  I could either slip the extra under


or stick and snip


The point is,  this is what you want to end up with:


Believe it or not you are nearly done!

12. To keep the cards from slipping around, line the BASE of the box (the other section) with a bit of  Fun Foam


Putting it all together

1. Slightly “crushing” the HANDLE section, slip it into the BASE section.

2. With WET adhesive (bearing in mind this is the step that is going to unite the HANDLE section and the BASE section and what is going to keep the top part from slipping out of the base when you carry it) stick the OUTSIDE side section  of the HANDLE section to the INSIDE of the BASE.  Then stick all the dividers to the inside of the base.  Take care here, to try to keep them straight.


THIS is when you will see the slight bowing of the cardstock.  it really isn’t going to matter.

You can skip this but I think it finishes the internal dividers nicely.

3. Cut  a piece of cardstock as wide as the divider.  Slip it into the section and mark the angle.


4. Score the line and crease.   Trim away the extension



You will end up with a piece like this.  Add adhesive just to the areas that will meet when it folds over the carrier divider.


Now slip this piece over the divider and stick it together.  It won’t cover it completely but it’s not going to matter.  Feel free to cut two pieces and stick them back to bak, either die of the divider, if you prefer.


Do the same for each divider.


Finally: Decorate!

I simply used ONE sheet of 12 x 12 paper and decorated the areas that had the writing on them – that was just the outside of the base.


And I added a bit of decorative tape to some of the raw edges, as well as a simple strip under the hand-hold


DOH!  It looks crooked but it isn’t, it’s the angle of the photo, promise!

There you go.  I think that is a good compromise between taking AGES to decorate every little area, and having an ugly carrier with shop logos all over it.  And it will hold a TON of cards.

For free.