Project Life card storage from a wine carrier? Yep.

There was a post on UKS about PL storage.  I replied to it at 7:23.  By 8:27 I had made this:


I took the photo before I decorated the front, to show how the 4 x 6 cards fit by removing one of the dividers, but you get the idea from the first photo:


It was so easy, took very little time (less if you don’t bother with ever a minimal attempt o make it look “pretty!”) and works a treat. I often print and cut my printable PDFs to make sure they perform as expected, and I’ve just been stuffing them in a box. Now I can put them all in here so I can find them when I want to, rather than printing another set.

So easy.

1. Take your wine carrier.  They usually come collapsed, so leave them like that and cut the bottom at 3 inches


2. Open both bits out


With this one, but perhaps not every one, cutting at 3 inches leaves a bottom and the hand hold part with the dividers.

3. Snip opposing corners of the divider like so:


In order for the top to fit INTO the bottom, it needs to be “smaller” – these two minimal snips allow you to wedge the top with the hand hold into the base, like so


4. I imagine with some, if the dividers are taller, you may not need this step, but to make the dividers more solid, and keep the cards from shifting around within them, I cut heavy cardstock to fit and create a liner.  Now you COULD go to the trouble of making a proper BOX to line the divides, but this works well enough for a quick fix.

I did taller ones for the BACK of the dividers


and smaller ones for the sides. You don’t HAVE to cover the ends but I did.


Now you can see these are attached only at the top. Maybe you can see that they sort of hang there – there is nothing of the carrier itself on the inside.  That can be sorted.  Let’s look at the OTHER side:

5. Snip out one of the dividers.  On mine, the corners are smaller on one side (where we made the original snips) so I would just cut out filly one of the snipped corners.


Now you have four divides that fit the 3 x 4 cards and one that first the 4 x 6 cards!


6. Stick the opposite side liners cardstock top AND bottom.  The top is stuck to the carrier itself, but the bottom will get stuck to the liner on the other side. You’ll get it when you do it, I promise!

As you can see I only have a few of my cards in it at the moment.  I think you would need to add something to keep them from slipping around, just to fill the space.  Again you could make a cardstock cube to drop behind them to solve that problem.

Is this the prettiest holder?  Nope.  Is it functional? Yep. Did it cost me anything?  Nope.  I had the wine carrier and the cardstock wasn’t even scrapbook quality but just some heavy, bright, cheap stuff I got at Lidl LOL! And ignoring the time it took me to photo and create the post (almost as long as it took me to make the darn thing!)  it took about 40 minutes.  I’m off to the store anyway so I may just pick up another one and make another one.  I’d be interested to grab a different store’s wine carrier and see what the differences are, but I’ll probably be going to my usual store so not today.

Cheap as chips, and a bit of fun on a Friday.  Have a go, make it super pretty, and let me see a link. {wink}