WOYWW 257 – Art Journal, Documented Life and Project Life came out to play


I’ve made a little progress.  But oh my!  the state of my desk…


This tight shot really doesn’t show the horror of it all. But there you can see the journal I am converting into something I can use for A Documented Life.  I know a few people from WOYWW are doing it.  Mine is, as you probably would have guessed, NOT the standard Moleskin planner.  I will have to do a post .. erm.. DOCUMENTING it.  It will end up being a sort of hybrid creation. It will have pages for the daily journaling, sewn in Baseball card holders to incorporate small ATC sized photos (and even PL cards if I want) and some of the pages, as I’ve previously mentioned, have pockets, as they are folded over large format envelopes.  Here is a not very good shot of the January Week One page.


I spend so much of my time creating printables that I don’t use, cause I don’t do Project Life, that I thought I would make some printables just for me.  To be honest, I think people who do PL accept the fact that they will use things created by others, be they commercial PL cards or printables like the ones I make that they only need to print and stick in their book.  My feeling is that the people who are doing A Documented Life are more inclined to make all of what goes into their book from scratch, so I’m not really planning on sharing them.  But you can see here a couple of the things I’ve created:


On the left is a set of monthly tabs that I made by digitally “cutting” a bit of my previously done art journal pages then adding the months over them.  Each tab has a month on one side, then when folded, show the NEXT mont on the other side.  On the right is one of my calendar printables, resized to fit the pockets.

Here are the tabs printed:


I’m really happy with how they came out!You may recognize some of the bits.

I did, in fact, make the granny-square storage-stretcher that I mentioned I had the idea for yesterday.  I think you can just about see that the design is pretty much as I mused – skewers and a stack of blocked squares stored on them – there are a few bits and pieces to explain.


You’ll have to wait for tomorrow for THAT to appear, and probably the next day for a closer look at the Documented Life book.  I’ve gotten nowhere on the cleaning or the paperwork (shhhh…don’t tell DH!) so have to squeeze that in SOMEPLACE too.  I have another stack of square to block too.  Plus grocery shopping, skating, and all my WOYWW visits… Oh dear, oh dear …

Happy WOYWW!


31 thoughts on “WOYWW 257 – Art Journal, Documented Life and Project Life came out to play

  1. Sorry I am so late visiting not sure where the week had gone so having a quick fly round the desks before we start again, thanks for sharing – Nicky 11

  2. Hi, this is my first visit here. I LOVE those tabs! I’m also a DLP’er and new to art journalling, so still finding my own style.

  3. I’ve read Thursday’s post too – I think the blocking storage is a brilliant idea – I’ve been too lazy to block before now and when I did block acrylic it was under a steam iron and damp cloth…such a difference. I can see why yours are retracting a bit – I think its the fight of the circular stitch and the square hole it fits in…but that’s just what I see..I still think to store them ‘blocked’ is a marvellous idea. But not as marvellous as those month page tags. Wow, am very taken with those!

  4. Hi Mary Anne – hope I got that right from Annette…anyway happy WOYWW. I’ve missed visiting your desk lately and scrolled down to peek….wowoowowow I love your crochet work the different sized squares is amazing. Your printables are awesome and seems to me you’re going really well with the journal-ling. Cheers and have a great week RobynO#67

  5. I am working on 3 journals and trying to learn to draw so my desk is always in a state of disaster. I a, never quite sure of project life as I have seen so many commercialized journals etc. have fun
    Monica 61

  6. You always have such great ideas and such beautiful things in the pipeline.
    I haven’t crocheted in ages, maybe this winter I should make another granny blanket.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #20

  7. I just totally love love love the colors.
    Seems that a lot of people are doing those. I would like to see one up close. Thanks for the peek
    Roberta 38

  8. Wow! I love the printables you’ve created. You definitely know your way around a computer. I thought I’d do the Documented Life project but haven’t done anything. Oh well. It’s fun to see what others are doing and how creative YOU are in putting together your own version. That’s what creativity is all about! Seeing something and making it your own.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay (17)

  9. The monthly tabs you made look great!! Brigita #80

  10. You really do come up with some brilliant printables, I think you are the queen of printables, glad to see you are focusing on yourself for them too. Loving the latest pages too. Congrats on being No1 this week.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza & Yoda 51

  11. Your planner looks awesome!! I love the colorful tabs. And don’t worry about the messy desk, creativity can be chaos at times 🙂

  12. Great journal, love the tabs. I think you’ve used some Gelli prints to make those but I could be wrong.
    Happy crafting, Angela x 46

  13. Coolio! Happy WOYWW, MA….. see you soon?

  14. I do like how clever your tabs are for the months. Makes sense to me. As for the crochet…not my thing! Gran tried to teach me, but I am unteachable for some things I have decided!

  15. Have to see what #1 is up to this morning. Loving your little month printables. What kind of graphics program are you using?
    Happy WOYWW! #69

  16. Love your printables! I’ve been circling around the Gelli flame and they remind me of that. Your desk looks chock full of crafty goodness : D. #67

  17. Very creative and original. Be well Carole #59

  18. Take a deep breathe and access the situation! One thing at a time and you get it all done! I love the idea of the journal…something I just haven’t tried myself. Glenda #57

  19. Hi Mary Anne
    Happy WOYWW. Love how the journal is turning out. Your January page is gorgeous and clever you with the printables too!
    Annette In Oz #39

  20. Ingenious! Some great work and ideas there. Have a great week xx

  21. Congrats on No. 1, project life seems very popular and now I can look up Documenting life. More things to learn about.
    sandra @41

  22. I don’t do either of those I’ve seen the books but just have the interest in doing them. I like the idea of creating it all by scratch instead of using just things others have created that is always more appealing to me have fun with it and your colours are so vivid hugs Nikki 12

  23. Ditto on the comments above…fab tabs! Do you ever sleep? Love the crochet in post below. I’m not PL or DLP either. So you’re the amazing printables person….Elizabeth is correct…you are amazing! Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #8

  24. I rather like those page labels with the two months on…clever idea! I don’t have enough hours to LIVE my life, never mind document it, lol! I’ve never been a diary writer – ever- guess it’s simple old Carpe Diem for me.
    BTW, I ADORE those crochet blocks you’ve been working on…they look amazing put together 🙂
    Hugs, LLJ 2 xx

  25. Do you ever sleep?? You’re like the EverReady bunny – your output and the variety is quite staggering – wow!!
    Happy WOYWW 🙂
    no. 7

  26. I’m one of the few people not doing DLP but like Elizabeth love to see what’s happening… Love these tabs. well done on top spot – I was visiting when it went live! Helen 13

  27. Aaah, you really are pretty adept at getting stuff to look good printed out, and now I am going to ahve go and find out what documented life is all about and should I get into it… I sort of avoided Project Life… hmmmm. Annette #9

  28. You are amazing. So many things you do and share. Your art is beautiful and I love the crochet.

  29. As I mentioned in my WOYWW post this evening, you are a genius when it comes to printables. I don’t participate in either one of those projects, but it’s always fun to see what you are making. And they tabs are very, very colorful, too.

    Been loving your crocheting, but been so busy haven’t had time to properly visit. Caught up just now, though. I’ll keep watching to see how this project ends (so to speak).

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