WOYWW 257 – Art Journal, Documented Life and Project Life came out to play

I’ve made a little progress.  But oh my!  the state of my desk…


This tight shot really doesn’t show the horror of it all. But there you can see the journal I am converting into something I can use for A Documented Life.  I know a few people from WOYWW are doing it.  Mine is, as you probably would have guessed, NOT the standard Moleskin planner.  I will have to do a post .. erm.. DOCUMENTING it.  It will end up being a sort of hybrid creation. It will have pages for the daily journaling, sewn in Baseball card holders to incorporate small ATC sized photos (and even PL cards if I want) and some of the pages, as I’ve previously mentioned, have pockets, as they are folded over large format envelopes.  Here is a not very good shot of the January Week One page.


I spend so much of my time creating printables that I don’t use, cause I don’t do Project Life, that I thought I would make some printables just for me.  To be honest, I think people who do PL accept the fact that they will use things created by others, be they commercial PL cards or printables like the ones I make that they only need to print and stick in their book.  My feeling is that the people who are doing A Documented Life are more inclined to make all of what goes into their book from scratch, so I’m not really planning on sharing them.  But you can see here a couple of the things I’ve created:


On the left is a set of monthly tabs that I made by digitally “cutting” a bit of my previously done art journal pages then adding the months over them.  Each tab has a month on one side, then when folded, show the NEXT mont on the other side.  On the right is one of my calendar printables, resized to fit the pockets.

Here are the tabs printed:


I’m really happy with how they came out!You may recognize some of the bits.

I did, in fact, make the granny-square storage-stretcher that I mentioned I had the idea for yesterday.  I think you can just about see that the design is pretty much as I mused – skewers and a stack of blocked squares stored on them – there are a few bits and pieces to explain.


You’ll have to wait for tomorrow for THAT to appear, and probably the next day for a closer look at the Documented Life book.  I’ve gotten nowhere on the cleaning or the paperwork (shhhh…don’t tell DH!) so have to squeeze that in SOMEPLACE too.  I have another stack of square to block too.  Plus grocery shopping, skating, and all my WOYWW visits… Oh dear, oh dear …

Happy WOYWW!