Just one more, down the side track


I promise not to bore everyone with my diversion into yarn.  I am itching to get on with my journal and have just about made the decision to start it with the pages I have already completed.  My reasoning is that I can then see if it will work how I think it will and if any changes need to be made.  If, rather than completing the entire thing before I start, I do a month at a time, at least to begin with, then I can still adjust if I need to.  Then if I find I like it, NEXT year I know I need to get started in November – and if making one from total scratch is the way to go, or if adapting a commercial journal is more do-able.

But I did want to share the results of my blocking cause I had NO IDEA how much of a difference it would make to my finished blocks.



There was a slight bit of…retraction, I guess, once I un-pinned the blocked square. which did allow the circle to relax back into a CIRCLE.  But I think you can see the “bowls” on the left and the blocked squares on the right (except the yellow one – putting that next to the blocked ones offers a better side-by-side comparison) and how much of a difference there is.  Even my very tight crochet has really opened out.

To make sure they stay open, I’ve pinned them in a stack, off to the side.  I’m thinking making another smaller board with maybe something like skewers at the right measurement, will let me just add the blocks as they are dry, and with a 12″ skewer I can get LOADS of them in a stack.  Even the long, flower-headed pins I have won’t hold more than 6 or 7 blocks.




LOL!  It does look like the photo hasn’t been rotated, but it’s actually leaning up against my desk and the odd angle was meant to show there is a stack pinned, AND be in the early morning light. Ah well, you get the idea…

I now have an idea that I must pursue, NOW .. so maybe one more yarn-y post, then I’ll just get on with it and update when I hit a milestone. But so far I am really liking how it looks.

I have a shedload of paperwork to do today and a Spring clean over the next week or so, then DS has the other wisdom tooth to be pulled, then the WOYWW crop, then DS’s girlfriend may come down from Scotland for a visit,then blah blah blah.  I can feel the frustration starting to build as so many things compete for my time and attention.  {sigh}

6 thoughts on “Just one more, down the side track

  1. Beautiful colors and patterns.

    Hugs diane

  2. I sold and had knitting machines for several years and learned to block things then. It always makes things looks as we said “handmade rather than homemade”. We would “Poof” them with some steam about an inch above the item, especially with wool and things.

    • Interesting. As this is acrylic yarn I wasn’t sure if steaming was appropriate – I should research that 🙂 I LOVE cotton yarn but know, too, that it will lose it’s shape and need to be reblocked as a whole piece after washing, and yarn is just so darn expensive here – I miss Michaels and their sales and coupons – so when I decide to make a project I tend to go for acrylic. Some of the newer ones are nicer than the first cheap ones, and I have a ton of it from making toys for the kids. It’s an endless cycle – cause I have it, I buy more so it all goes together, same fibre content. One day maybe I’ll use it all up LOL!

      Thanks for the tip


      • a couple of tips – NEVER make pot holders out of acrylic – it conducts heat and you will burn yourself. Cotton is much better for that. Most of the “kitchen cotton” they sell is mercerized so it wont’ shrink, but if you get the softer type it will. I steam the acrylic also, I just don’t set the iron right on it, but about one or 2 inches above it and poof the steam at it, then when it dries, it will look much nicer. I have always washed and dried my acrylic afghans in the washer and dryer and they were just fine. Cotton yarn “grows” with your body heat so that’s why it’s tight when you first put it on, then loosens up. Also, cotton is much nicer for babies, because they are usually not allergic to it.

  3. Glad the circles have returned to normal for you! I am very guilty of never blocking anything I make (o_O) I use more of a “hope for the best” method….so blocking and it’s results are quite the mystery, lol 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for sharing. I crochet and just love this pattern.

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