I had see See it, Pin it, Do it  on Fiona’s blog, perhaps in one of my weekly WOYWW visits.  I don’t use Pinterest as much as I used to because for some reason the Pin button doodah stopped working on my iPad.  I seem to remember it was a pain to install it (since I never, ever sync my iPad to my desktop – I find when Googling I get totally different results between the two, and didn’t want to lose that) and just haven’t found time to sort it out yet.  Anyway, I can’t even recall when I saw this adorable blanket but I had A LOT of scrap yarn that I thought would work (although OBVIOUSLY I had to shop for some fill-in colours… LOL!) so I decided to give it a go. Click the image to go to her blog for the instructions.

But the  ideas kept coming.  It totally sidetracked me from my desk and my paint and ink.  But I have been craving a project with yarn or fabric now for a few weeks, so I figured I might as well give in, at least temporarily.  I also saw this pin, which had an interesting ridged joining construction for Granny Squares.

But the pin doesn’t seem to go anywhere so I had to hunt up the actual link.  Click the photo to go there.  No instructions – I did ask in the comments for more info on the ridged join, but in seeing a few other joining posts I think I’ve worked out that it’s basically this idea, but thru the inside loops on the front, rather than the outside loops from the back, so the ridge is visible.  I’ll possibly do a little more research on it to see if that’s right – or maybe I’ll just wing it LOL! I might have to anyway, as the circles one is not ordered rows and columns, but more scattered.  It might not even work at all, but I won’t know for sure, I don’t think, till I can see it – I might do a bit that way, just to see how it looks, then decide

Now the on thing about Granny squares that has always annoyed me it the way they come out looking all wonky.  I crochet pretty tight – I don’t know why, but it MIGHT be as I was taught by my 90 YO German great-granny.  But my squares always end up looking like bowls.  I knew you can get a more professional finish by blocking the squares but after crocheting a gazillion blocks, then to have to block EACH ONE, well, that just did not appeal.  But in this case I really wanted a nice finish – plus having the squares blocked is going to make the joining a lot easier. I thought I would just lay a towel over my cutting mat, rather than buy a blocking board, but I really didn’t fancy all the measuring.  I googled for an  image of a blocking board and one of the links was for making your own.  I was determined not to spend a penny on this, so I took a combo of my idea, what I had in the house, and one idea in the post that totally made measuring a non-issue – checked fabric!

I don’t have a single bit of gingham fabric, but I DO have a nice bold checkerboard.  I don’t have insulation board, nor a staple gun, but I did have two large sheets of 1/4 inch foam core, packing tape, a black plastic trash bag, and an old towel.


I taped the foam core together, covered it with the trash bag, wrapped that in the towel, then stretched the checkerboard fabric taut over the front.  I did take the time to measure, to make sure at least a crosswise and lengthwise square of blocks was, in fact, a square.

Then I pinned out some of the squares – my goodness they were bowed!


One odd thing is the way the large circle distorts when pinned.  The smaller ones seem to stay more true.  I’m banking on the centre relaxing a little when they are unpinned.  But it’s kinda damned if you do/damned if you don’t, isn’t it?  Wonky edges, hard to join, or wonky circles and neat edges.  We’ll see at the end.


It uses a huge number of pins, and of course the board is only so big, but I figure if I block as I go, doing a few at a time, it won’t seem such a pain in the butt, like it would be if I waited to do them all at the end!

I may end up becoming so engrossed in this that all else falls away, but I don’t think so.  I am itching to complete my planning for the Documented Life journal, have a ton of ideas but just need to think them thru and devise a plan – another project that takes time – all those envelope pages need to be gessoed and to dry, then I have to make sure I have the right number, then decide some layout issues, on and on, before I ever begin the actual journaling part.

I’ve decided there are just simply not enough hours in the day for me to do everything I WANT to do so I need to either accept that projects will take longer than I wish to allow me to dabble in everything OR force myself to work on ONE THING till it’s done. No prize for guessing which one is more likely….



6 thoughts on “Sidetracked….

  1. Well Im completely incapable of doing more than one thing at a time, it’s utter absorption or nothing for me! Don’t they look different when blocked, crikey! Loving the theory and the colours, and I like the ridged join working on joing a granny blanket for Jenny right now and she has already implied that the back is more interesting than the front!

  2. Love your posts. Fun interesting and you meander like I do. Always learn things from you and am so inspired.

  3. I found this script that you save as a bookmark on you iPad, and it will let you pin to Pinterest again, if you want.


    • That looks pretty much like the Pin it code I already have installed but I’ll have a go and see if it works – I haven’t done a character by character comparison 🙂 so perhaps it is different and will work with the updated iOS. Only time will tell…. Cheers and thanks for the info!


  4. You are easily distracted by yarn too?!?! Oh my goodness, we are like kindred crafty spirits 😛 I often flip flop between painty projects and yarny ones, rarely getting any one project done but it makes my creative self happy following my whims 🙂 I love the colors you’re using for your blanket! About the big circles stretching out when pinned, could you pin the circle part un-stretched, then stretch and pin the border? Or do you think that would cause problems? Was just an idea. I hope it works out smoothly for you. Take care!

    • Pinning out the border, by nature, stretches the circle as well – it’s all connected 🙂 I did consider pinning the circle, using one of my old CM clear circle cutter rounds to shape it, but when I unpinned them the circles didn’t end up looking quite so wonky – plus I would only be able to pin out like two squares, I would need to use SO MANY pins to pin both the edges AND the circle LOL! I may change my mind, if one or two are particularly wonky looking, but at the moment I can live with them 🙂

      Nice to know I haven’t alienated ALL my followers by my little diversion….


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