SVGs of the other printables

One of my commenters asked about SVG from some of my other printables.  I’m adding these with a BIG warning and an explanation.

I converted the other two examples into SVGs and what I feared actually proved correct – for 3×4 cards, the very small font, and in particular the STYLE of font I used (one stencil and one very fat letters) have issues that may not be solvable.  Here are some examples so you can see what I mean:



This is actually a new one, not in the printable set.  Because the words were short and over 2 lines, I could make them a little bigger.  They cut the best, but my needs-to-be-replaced blade still left the edges a little ratty.

This one, well, you maybe can’t see it perfectly here, but the letters are almost unreadable to me.


It SHOULD say Here & There!  Some of the very, very fine connectors (like the middle of the H) got totally lost. This one, with the very FAT letters, had the same problem:


See the raggedy bits defining the N and the N and the E? Rubbish. Now, I think that picking a different font will solve the problem in some ways, but then that changes the whole look of the card.  Likewise, a single (bigger) word would work better too, but again, changes the design completely.  And sure, with a brand new crisply cutting blade, the perfect weight of cardstock and the perfect pressure and depth setting you could get a really cute card cut even with the original designs, but is it worth adding something that is sure to disappoint maybe 80% of the people who download it? I think not.

In the case of the stencil letters I trolled thru loads of stencil fonts, looking for a free one that wasn’t distressed/grungy, that had a wider gap dividing the letter bits, and would cut well, based on what I learned from my test cuts.  And I am not coming up with one.  Hence my dilemma.

I have a load of projects that I want to work on, all my WOYWW visits to do (yesterday, real life rather got in the way) and lots to do to prepare for the crop on Saturday, so I may just work on these over a few days and see what I can manage.  That might give me time to get a new blade LOL!

Sorry to disappoint, but I do try to have at least some quality control over things I am sharing as freebies.  I don’t believe just cause it’s free it can be bad and that’s OK.  I’d like to make sure that for the majority of people, even given variations in set up, my stuff is going to work to a good standard and these I am just not happy with yet.

Now a teaser – these I am REALLY happy with save one tiny thing. Here is what they look like cut:


What I was unhappy with was how tight the U and the S of US cut, with barely any space between them, so prone to tearing. I need to alter what is known as the kerning (the space between letters) then cut them again to test.

I am just accepting that the font will have holes instead of some letters, and I’m OK with that. You can retain the centers of some of them, if you fancy sticking down the little shapes separately.


Like so:


I designed them the way I did so you are actually getting more than one item from one cutting session.  I can see you using the cards as they cut, backed with whatever you like, then using the NUMBERS on their own, either stuck to another card, and even using the letters on a different card.  If you cut two sets you can swap the small letters on the NUMBERS, filling the holes with the opposite colour, then mounting THAT onto patterned paper, for example, for a completely different look.

Anyway I have a ton to be getting on with so I’ll sort out that little change and then make up a few samples for you, then get the file up on DropBox, but possibly not till tomorrow.  Sorry to tempt you (if in fact you find them tempting!)  then delay the delivery but real life and all that….