WOYWW256 – a bodge job


Hello all you WOYWWers!

I have been toying with the idea of making actual videos (with motion, don’tcha know?) rather than my usual slide shows of still photos but have no actual video camera nor tripod.  I’ve seen the hint of legs in some videos, with people clearly angling their arms around tripods set onto the desk and wasn’t keen.  Also not keen on spending money on something that I may never actually take to.  So I had a bash at a trial (cheap) solution – be warned it possibly only works on MY desk, cause of how it’s set up.  I can already see improvements to be made (like thicker PVC pipe and threaded connectors that don’t rotate with the weight of the camera, but I’m getting ahead of myself…) but it will certainly work well enough for a test. No photosphere this week, but I did have a go at the panorama-shot function my camera has.


No expanded view on this one, but you can see it isn’t quite the disaster it was two weeks ago, nor as neat and tidy as it was last week!

This shot shows the camera solution a bit better:


All it is, really,  is a few bits of PVC pipe and a couple of angle connectors and a couple of T connectors.  The problem is the camera is HEAVY so the connectors will rotate.  The long legs are shoved down between the desk and the radiator (to hold them in place) and the PVC pipe is inside longer metal pipes (scavenged from an old free-standing clothes rail, I think, been out in the garage for AGES, gathering dust) and the pip insulation (the rather fetching grey bit at the right) hold the two together.  In order to support the bit closest to you, with the large threaded screw (that just fits my camera tripod port) I simply extend one of the windowsill drawers to prop it up in place.


All I have to do is screw the camera onto the screw threads and turn it on.  Focus it, position the shot and hit record.  It works, although I’ve shot nothing interesting, just testing the process.  I have to rotate the clip in iMovie (just a click) and unless I want the soundtrack to be me babbling in real-time I have to get a microphone, but I think it will work.  It’s not a perfect solution but I can live with it at least long enough to see if it’s something I sill enjoy doing.  Not sure yet.

I’m working on creating more signatures for my envelope art journal, with an idea to maybe drop in to A Documented Life, and have one more idea to bring something additional to it, but I need to get all the pages ready before I can try that out.  Stay tuned!

Crazy bust week, but looking forward to some crafty snooping – and prep for a crop this weekend.  I have NO IDEA what I’ll work on… oh dear, and it’s Weds. already…. EEK!

Happy WOYWW.



20 thoughts on “WOYWW256 – a bodge job

  1. A very late visit this week, great idea for the video set up, thanks for sharing Donna #38

  2. Gosh! Impressive and ingenious – I’m awaiting your first YouTube video with bated breath 🙂 Have a great week. Elizabeth x #70

  3. Thanks for your visit, Mary Anne, and I had to laugh at your comment about me being organised!! You should see the rest of the room… Piles of teabags everywhere in varying states of dryness etc. However, the room was designed (by me, and brought to life by our wonderful builder last summer before we moved) to make organisation easier, and it’s nice to have the frequently-used things close at hand, and to have the space to get organised too.

    When I started with my iMac in the new year I was keen to try iMovie but then discovered that it’s fairly basic and wouldn’t do all I wanted, such as being able to blur out certain things, but in a way that the blurred part tracks the movement of the part you want obscured. Whatever I want to do, FCP seems to be able to do it!! Of course, the major aspect is that iMovie is free, whereas FCP costs £200 but I think it’s money well spent. I wasted about £60 upgrading my Pinnacle Studio to version 17, to run on Windows on the Mac via the Parallels platform, but the whole thing was a disaster and I was soon tearing my hair. Part of the problem may have been that Windows just doesn’t work as well on Parallels as it does on a PC. FCP is one of the best investments I’ve ever made software-wise, and there’s loads of help online – I started off using Izzy’s first class video tutorials on Youtube for beginners – – this is the first one. I’ve signed up for his newsletter and he offers other free videos too, and more advanced tutorials if you pay. I’ve also signed up for the free PC Online classes – which look very good, but I haven’t tried it yet. Do let me know how you get on with your video-ing – I’m very interested!

    Shoshi #28

  4. Cameras are so clever these days, and allow you to do things without the advanced knowledge that used to be required.
    Computers too have made it possible to alter photographs so simply which was beyond many peoples ability and required expensive equipment in the past.
    Look forward to seeing your videos, Angela x 49

  5. How very clever. Great idea hope you can sort some videos for us all. Take care & enjoy your week. Zo xx 75

  6. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #40

  7. Fun to see what you are working on. I have often wondered how people mount their cameras for video. Wishing you well with your endeavor! #73

  8. What does go in your head? LOL it’s always fascinating to see what you are up to each week (and in between of course!). Can’t wait to see your first vid!! Happy WOYWW, Cindy #51

  9. Ingenious…crafty lady. Imagination goes in all directions. Well done. Be well Carole #68

  10. Now that is a really innovative solution, looking forward to the videos.
    Sandra @60

  11. Wow Mary Anne, that’s some video rig. I struggled with a tripod for a while and it completely got on my nerves. Then a friend made me a wooden one like an arch which served pretty well in my old ARTHaven. In my new one, I have used part of the wooden one, clamped to a high shelf, with a goose-neck clip on camera holder from Maplins, together with an angled bracket that I got from the USA on Ebay, and it’s truly fantastic – absolutely nothing gets in the way, and the cable even reaches the computer without having to take the camera down! I’ve been exploring improving my videos for some time now and have just invested in Final Cut Pro to use with my iMac and the program is a total dream. I’m loving my HD camera, too!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #28

  12. Wow, that’s quite a set up. Just goes to show what a bit of imagination can do. Hope you keep at the video making. Sounds like fun.
    Have a great week,
    Von #11

  13. Wow where there is a will there is a way with you, this is impressive but regardless I love what you do and will go where you go, because I love seeing what you are upto and your creative work. I am impressed by your homemade tripod it might actually work better than the real ones with 3 legs because those legs usually get in the way of the creator when being in shot. Hopefully you understood my garble then. Yours on the other hand seems to be up and mostly out of the way so less creator hinderance. good luck like always I will stay tuned.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza & Yoda 47

  14. You are a woman of many talents, Mary Anne – I wouldn’t call it a botch job. It’s a brilliant use of upcycled materials in a crafting environment. Grin!!
    Hugs, LLJ 36 xx

  15. Good luck with your movies!! I do like your panorama shots, must find out if my camera has that function, there is so much it does I don’t know about yet! Have a good week. Helen 9

  16. Great idea with the homemade stand I doubt I’d make a movie that I actually post your set up looks great no arms in your way to bump st least it will let you take good still shots 🙂 hugs Nikki 7

  17. Oh clever you, that looks like quite the setup and wouldn’t break the bank either! DH bought me a boom which hold my movie camera in place beautifully but I haven’t made any movies yet… it sort of freaks me out to hear my own voice!! LOL Annette #6

  18. Gosh, I’m impressed – all I can manage is to take shots from all round my room and hope folks can make sense of them! Have a great week, Chris # 15

  19. I have a tri-pod I bought back in the late 80s, when I had my original SLRs. I seldom used it because it was so heavy. I’ve considered getting it out, but not for movies, just better stills now that I have a really good DSLR. I look forward to your posts, but I actually like stills better. I can stop them or speed them along with a flick of the mouse. But, I’ll follow you wherever you go!

    No number yet, just getting ahead of the game.

  20. I love your posts, whether they’re moving or not. It’s always a grin.Thanks!

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