WOYWW256 – a bodge job

Hello all you WOYWWers!

I have been toying with the idea of making actual videos (with motion, don’tcha know?) rather than my usual slide shows of still photos but have no actual video camera nor tripod.  I’ve seen the hint of legs in some videos, with people clearly angling their arms around tripods set onto the desk and wasn’t keen.  Also not keen on spending money on something that I may never actually take to.  So I had a bash at a trial (cheap) solution – be warned it possibly only works on MY desk, cause of how it’s set up.  I can already see improvements to be made (like thicker PVC pipe and threaded connectors that don’t rotate with the weight of the camera, but I’m getting ahead of myself…) but it will certainly work well enough for a test. No photosphere this week, but I did have a go at the panorama-shot function my camera has.


No expanded view on this one, but you can see it isn’t quite the disaster it was two weeks ago, nor as neat and tidy as it was last week!

This shot shows the camera solution a bit better:


All it is, really,  is a few bits of PVC pipe and a couple of angle connectors and a couple of T connectors.  The problem is the camera is HEAVY so the connectors will rotate.  The long legs are shoved down between the desk and the radiator (to hold them in place) and the PVC pipe is inside longer metal pipes (scavenged from an old free-standing clothes rail, I think, been out in the garage for AGES, gathering dust) and the pip insulation (the rather fetching grey bit at the right) hold the two together.  In order to support the bit closest to you, with the large threaded screw (that just fits my camera tripod port) I simply extend one of the windowsill drawers to prop it up in place.


All I have to do is screw the camera onto the screw threads and turn it on.  Focus it, position the shot and hit record.  It works, although I’ve shot nothing interesting, just testing the process.  I have to rotate the clip in iMovie (just a click) and unless I want the soundtrack to be me babbling in real-time I have to get a microphone, but I think it will work.  It’s not a perfect solution but I can live with it at least long enough to see if it’s something I sill enjoy doing.  Not sure yet.

I’m working on creating more signatures for my envelope art journal, with an idea to maybe drop in to A Documented Life, and have one more idea to bring something additional to it, but I need to get all the pages ready before I can try that out.  Stay tuned!

Crazy bust week, but looking forward to some crafty snooping – and prep for a crop this weekend.  I have NO IDEA what I’ll work on… oh dear, and it’s Weds. already…. EEK!

Happy WOYWW.