A fire lit….

I follow a fellow WordPress blogger called KittyisnotAmused.  As she says, she is, at best, an intermittent blogger, with long pauses between posts- unlike me, who blathers on, day after day – but I often feel her posts are little gems.  Today was one.

I’ve created an art journal (AGAIN)  with no clear idea how I’ll be using it.  I still have space in the paper-bag one (although not that much) but I can feel myself slipping away again.  I need to reel myself in and tether to the journaling dock, lest I slip out to sea, IYKWIM.  I had read hints about A Documented Life and was curious, but there never seemed to be the time to really sit down and have a look at it.  Today I did.  Sounds like the kind of art journaling I can sink my teeth in to.  As I commented on Kitty’s blog, once you allow something to become a HABIT, then it becomes a hard habit to break LOL! This sort of perhaps daily journaling, with intermittent longer sessions to do the prompts, sound like the sort of thing I could do and really keep up with.  I do wish I had bothered to research it in JANUARY, but hey, ho.

So I though, as the current journal is still in progress, with only three signatures sewn in. I would take a quite radical step – brace yourselves:


Yep. Snip Snip.

OK so that is the first task done.  The HARDER task is to sort out the already created signatures to accommodate the 2014 weekly layout.  Each signature is 8 sides, with one of them (or two of them, depending) left with a pocket from the envelopes I used to make the pages.


The question is, how do I arrange them so the pockets fall within the number of weeks for each month, so every month has a side for the prompt (rather than sticking a loose sheet in, as mentioned in the ADL project info) and there are no wasted sides??

The first thing I did was quickly Google the week layout of 2014.  I annotated it for myself, noting the monthly breaks and the number of pages I would need for each month.


It looks hard to read, but click the image and you can see it bigger. with that info I think I can now create the rest of the leaves so I can arrange them to ensure there is a pocket page within each month.  So long as I don’t get hung up on the pocket being the FIRST or the LAST leaf, then I think it’s do-able, although it might work out that, for example, two months share a pocket.  I’ll need to work thru it to see.

Another idea I had while reading Kitty’s post was that I could reinforce the envelopes by sewing the day divides on those pages.  That means deciding if I want to sew every one or if it works out better to sew most of them, but draw lines on the pocket pages so I can still use one side as a planner page – for months (most of them) where the 1st of the month falls mid-week (so a single week contains more than one month) I need to decide if I carry the days on in a continuous way or if I duplicate a week where part of it falls in one month and the rest in another.  My gut feeling is a continuous line, only because duplicating weeks that are split means more pages and as it is I think I’m just about going to manage it by doubling the signatures I have already made (24 leaves) and adding one more.

Then I have to decide if I want to go back thru iCal and deal with the weeks I’ve missed or just drop in well into the year?  I’m leaning towards hitting a few highlights based on my calendar, my blog, and e-mail, but not worry about something every single day.

I am thinking that making this my first small task every day, then doing the prompt art-page once a week is very manageable.  It feels like everything is sort of coming together, with all the pitfalls of journaling overcome.  Is that just wishful thinking?  Perhaps.  But at least I have a plan that has logical steps and I always work better that way.  So let’s see how I go…

Thanks for lighting the fire, Kitty….

(yes, I am aware that is probably not your REAL name but I’m struggling to find a place where you might have mentioned it…)