Blush quotes for Project Life


I enjoy the process of making Printables.  It allows me to experiment with my program, learn new tricks with it, and that is always fun.  Sometimes I have an idea and make something but then I don’t always get the feedback to know if they are really useful and used.  Knowing what people USE helps me focus my design work and not feel like it’s all a waste of time.  Last week I did a poll.  Not a ton of people responded but more people than usually comment so I feel like I did get useful info from doing it.  As that poll is closing tomorrow I thought I would repost it and update on the outcome.

And the sample – the winner so far is the last one:


Where it is now:


Anyway, I also asked for feedback on UKS, from the Project Life people on the quote one I posted as well.  It was good, a few people said they liked it, and one asked for more quotes, specifically in a colourway to coordinate with the Blush collections.  So I did that.  Here they are:


I added the little strip of paper dolls, thinking they could be cut and added to a photo, or some other filler card, and I had the space.  You can download the PDF here. Moms of teen girls may recognize the One Direction song lyric there (although fairly certain it was written by Ed Sheeran, and not the boys LOL!) Managed to avoid having to see the 1D movie out last summer in the theatre, but pretty sure DD won’t let me escape the video version for long.

One thing that got commented on is that so much of PL (and indeed scrapbooking) tends to spin positive.  I can recall long forum discussions about this in the past, with many people saying they would never scrap “bad” moments, that they didn’t want their books to be depressing.  Others were adamant that their books reflect all the ups and downs of life.  There is no answer to that one and will probably never be an agreement.  People will do what they will do.  So I thought I should make at least a few filler cards that at least give a nod to a less-than-perfect life without being deep, dark, and depressing.  The two on the right fit the bill.  I think of them as Silver Lining cards LOL!  Like the quote, while life may not be perfect, it can still be wonderful.  I may take the time to make a set of them – I have SO MANY quotes stockpiled for use, I’m sure I can find a few more.

On a side note, I do wish I had some idea what got posted on Facebook, and where,  that brought almost 1100 views to my blog in one day.  It seems to be one of my Big Card techniques (Ace of Clubs) but my stats won’t tell me more than that.  If you know, if that is what brought you here, clue me in!

Rather a busy weekend coming up – hope yours is a good one….

6 thoughts on “Blush quotes for Project Life

  1. Sweet blog! I found it while surfing around on Yahoo News.
    Do you have any suggestions on how to get listed in Yahoo News?

    I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to
    get there! Thank you

  2. I think the Gelli people posted your blog about using Acrylic medium to seal the inkjet prints etc.
    Maybe that is what brought so many visitors in one day??? Just trying to remember if there was anything else.

    • They did repost that one but it was a while ago. I’m sure it was the “black magic” technique as it was that post and the glitter technique one that got 700+ hits, with another 850 or so to the Home page/Archives. SOMEBODY must have linked it on Facebook as the majority came from there. It’s a mystery! 🙂


  3. Love the paper doll strip. Any chance of making it bigger for a 12 inch page, say maybe 12 x 1.5 inches. I don’t do PL and do have any fancy software but love those dolls. Thanks in advance Kate

    Sent from my iPad

    • Easy peasy 🙂 I can also make it as a 6″ strip so it works along the long edge of a photo. Blush colours OK or would you like them in a variety?



  4. Is it a bit weird that I was excited to see that the one I voted for is winning?! :o) another lovely batch of printables Mary Anne thank you.
    Wow! 1100 in one day, that’s amazing – how frustrating not to know exactly where they came from. do you have Google Analytics? My IT boffin son got me hooked up to it last time he was here, showed me all the amazing stuff you could get from it, but shamefully I haven’t looked at it since! but you’re much more techy than me, so it might be really useful for you – mind you , not sure it would have helped in the situation you’re talking about.

    Still, 1100 in one day WOWEE!!

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