Bet you thought I abandoned that AJ…


…but I didn’t.  The envelopes are working well, I think, and I have the three sets sewn in with room for at least three more.


Some of the pages have the pockets but I really needed to extend the gesso further in.

The background was done with scribbles of the Inktense. and I used my fave silicone hot pad to stamp the hexagons – I just wiped over it first with a baby wipe then rubbed the Inktense block over it then stamped.


a couple of my in-process shots didn’t save (had to recharge my camera batteries – DOH!) but I hope you get the idea.  Boy do they come up INTENSELY coloured.

You can see two bits that used gilding flakes.  The little flecks are just a few flakes that I dusted over the still damp acrylic medium. And then I dropped a chunk of drywall tape into the box and scrubbed off the excess.  The flakes stuck great to the adhesive on what os meant to be the BACK and I just stuck it down with other adhesive.


I took some shots in the afternoon sun and some in the dismal overcast morning, hence the variations…You can see the spine in this shot.


I also did a title to add, coloured with the blocks as well.


Hard to see all the layers of colour but there are many….

And it will just fit, if overlapped, to the side of the flap. Considering many alternatives for the closure but I may end up with a bit of ribbon or fabric threaded thru the spine stitching and used as a tie.


It’s fairly large, about 8.5 x 12, so plenty of room!  It’s big enough that I can actually slip into one of the pockets a few pages from one of my previous attempts at art journaling if I want to house all those pages in one place as that is more or less just a few sheets, folded and sewn into a pamphlet.  I only did maybe two completed pages and a background spread in it so I may disassemble it so I can slip those pages into a pocket, not sure yet.

My room is littered with floating shreds of gilding so it may be time to put that back on the shelf.  And while my room is still extremely tidy, my desk has devolved back into a bit of a mess…


5 thoughts on “Bet you thought I abandoned that AJ…

  1. wow !! wonderfull, I like to read your blog, thanks a lot

  2. Loving this, the colours are great, can’t wait to see how it develops.
    Gilding flakes are amazing but do seem to escape everywhere.
    Happy crafting, Angela x

  3. Maryann, you have to have mess to create that is how things happen in the art world. Pull this tub out use it, then the next and so on, wow then you step back as say I have created a masterpiece and you have mess. I love your new journal book it looks perfect with all the gilding. I think a few more pages added would make it even better. Just s suggestion, when I made journal books ages ago I like using elastic and clasps that click together. I got tired of using ribbon all the time and wanted a change. I also used to sew bulky beads onto the spine to give it a lift. Just food for thought for you. I still love your journals regardless it is your style that makes me keep coming back for more of what you do. Oh and the Gelli prints.

    Hugs Eliza

    • OMG! I think I actually have one of those kicking around!! It’s possibly black but I suspect I could attach the click thingie to some nice fabric or something… Thanks for the tip!


  4. You can’t do art journaling and not get messy 🙂 Looking forward to seeing how it develops!

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