WOYWW 255 – so clean!


NOTE: Click the small sphere photos once to see them bigger, then click again to scroll to see far too much detail….

WOYWWers who visit me on other days may recall that last week after Wednesday I posted a photo sphere of my desk.  Well, I realized just how bad my room had gotten when looking at that shot so I decided to have a proper tidy up and take  another one of the WHOLE room.  Here is a repeat of last week’s messy shot.


Clicking it will bring up a bigger view. Just popping back to add that if you want to get the app that I used to create this (and I used DH’s Android phone and a Google app, but also link an untested iPhone app)  you can find both linked in the post here.

Now here is THIS week’s shot.  Brace yourselves.


Now, there are a few oddities, it wasn’t a completely smooth merge.  You can see the four corners of the room marked by the arrows, just to give you the basic idea.  At those points there are some stretched or squished bits but overall it’s a pretty accurate view.

What is on my DESK at the moment is a bit of an experiment that I will have to finish up and report back on tomorrow.


It looks interesting I’m sure but it’s actually two halves with a technique on each half.  One was a success and the other … wasn’t.  Interestingly the one that I EXPECTED to work, that SHOULD have worked, didn’t, and the one that I thought was a long shot worked better than I expected.  But I really need to try again with a longer drying time with the logical choice before I’m going to write it off.  Then I’ll share both.  Sorry to seem mysterious but I just would rather be sure.

Happy WOYWW y’all!

36 thoughts on “WOYWW 255 – so clean!

  1. Hi MaryAnne and whoopd-de,doo what a turn about…..great photos to catch the transformation, can you find everything now. You have a great craft room and something interesting evolving on your desk. Cheers and have a great week Robyn#18

  2. Love the photos of your room! You have a fabulous space! Thanks for sharing. 🙂 #92

  3. Happy WOYWW Sorry to run and dash… love the way you took that pic. Fantastic room too!!
    hugs, Kimmer #96

  4. That’s an amazing amount of supplies in that room! Cool stencil, too. Here from WOYWW. Happy Wednesday!
    Cathy #73

  5. Lovely room and an interesting experiment too. Karen #31

  6. Wow! that’s one shiny workroom Mary Anne – I was pretty impressed with the first shot the other day, but the “after” version is really impressive. Also intrigued by your experiment, looks like a great texture …. Happy WOYWW! Annie C #57

  7. Nah, that’s a different room!! 😀
    Might have to have a peek at the app
    Happy Wednesday

  8. Loving the photo, pretty cool! Lots to see too. Your project on your desk is interesting, chalks and gilding flakes?! Hmmm will see what you do! Am just popping in to say hi as no desk from me. Not been too great after going to 2 footy matches in 3 days so desk is empty. Take care Zo xx

  9. Hey #1
    I’m enjoying the mess as much as the tidy.
    I will enjoy coming back to find out more about your technique
    robyn 41

  10. Your experiment looks intriguing. I look forward to seeing the end results. The sphere photo is so cool!

  11. Cool photography! And great clean up
    Thanks for visiting this week
    Krisha #74

  12. you are so lucky to have a whole room to be wonderfully creative in. I have (at this time) a dank basement (see my photos) but with enough lighting it works out and keeps my mess out of our living space upstairs. Your art in progress loos so interesting and pretty. what will it be? I am reminded of an animal skin or even a turtle shell. -Kat-

  13. Hi Mary Anne, that’s a great photo but at the moment I wouldn’t dare take something like that lol!
    I love everything you do and you have a great taste in stamps. I absoluetly love Stampotique.
    I must call back and look at the results of your experiment.
    Until then, Happy Crafting, Angela x48

  14. Amazing photography, fabulous room! It looks as though you are surrounded by wall-to-wall crafting goodies. Have a great week. Elizabeth x #39

  15. Brilliant view of the room, I got a really good look at it, never noticed that other small door on the left, where does it go? I like the experiment, love the colours but I actually can’t tell which one is supposed to be the failed one!

    Brenda 64

  16. You have a very busy craft room. The experiment looks very interesting. Are you using gold leaf?

  17. Love the sphere shot of your room – it looks like you live in a hobbit hole, the way the room ‘curves’ in the shot! Clever bit of photo stitchery. You have a very nice workspace btw…me, jealous? Too right!! 😉
    If you want the grey/green birdie bag, then ’tis yours, I can put it away for you. Let me know but no hassle either way!
    Hugs, LLJ 14 xx
    Oooh, forgot to say, I love the iridescent bits in your experiment!

  18. Hi Mary Anne- top of the heap this week. Brilliant shot of your workroom- funny how the apps do the ‘suishing’ thing, Hubby did one last year of the beach on holiday, and that came out the same. Curious about your experiment- will be back. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #54 xxx

  19. Morning MaryAnne!! Haven’t been to visit for a while – not sure I would ever understand what you did with the photo but it looks awesome! Now, I wonder what you have been up to with all that mysterious crackly effects? What a tease. Happy WOYWW, Cindy #56

  20. G’day Mary Anne
    and happy WOYWW. What a lovely room to create in and what a difference to the before and after! Love your experiment as well.
    Annette In Oz #8

  21. What a wonderful pair of pictures, a bit disconcerting but nice to get a good view of your room.
    Your experiment looks fun, I think it is all good.
    Chris #34

  22. mm indeedy Maryanne does look velly intelesting..
    well done on clean up quite impressive imaging 😀 thanks for popping over too 😀 Shaz in Oz.x #40

  23. Wow….. Your room looks fanatic tidy and untidy I don’t care just would love to craft there for the day!
    Jackie 3

  24. We’ll I think you deserve the number one slot for being so revealing!! Love the before and after, but really…how did you make time to tidy up too? I don’t get it. I like the look of stencilled and gilded..hmmmm.

  25. It’s not good viewing a picture like this when you have had little sleep, but wow what a fantastic room you have. Can I come and play in your room, pretty please….. Honest I will clean up after myself and chat heaps or be quiet if needed. You have peeked my curiosity with the chalks and stencil. Congrats on being no 1

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 28
    Happy WOYWW

  26. Great photo of your room, the work in progress looks interesting, looking forward to seeing more, thanks for sharing, Donna #26

  27. What an amazing room, Mary Anne! And I love the way you merged the pic. Hope you have a fab week, and thanks for sharing. xx

  28. I think you take the best shots of your room and loving the experiment on your desk.
    Sandra @20

  29. Great shots of your space what a difference between weeks you did a lot of cleaning up congrats on #1 hugs Nikki 4

  30. Darn it… forgot about my number… sorry! I am Number 7…. so long since I did woyww forgot the rules! 😉

  31. Hi MA, Numero Uno no less!! Now that is a cool idea with the joined up photos… I think real estate agents use that idea already cos I swear the rooms are never what the picture was when I actually go there! LOL

  32. what a room, I love it… and love the way you’ve photographed it too. well done on top spot. Helen 4

  33. WOW what a work room! Yes, I’m envious AND you pipped me to no.1 *harrumph*
    Happy WOYWW, Mary Anne 🙂
    no. 2

  34. I swear you are a photography genius. I love the photo sphere. I’ve seen stitched landscapes, but never a stitched room. You go girl!!

    No number yet, but it’s still early.

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