WOYWW 255 – so clean!

NOTE: Click the small sphere photos once to see them bigger, then click again to scroll to see far too much detail….

WOYWWers who visit me on other days may recall that last week after Wednesday I posted a photo sphere of my desk.  Well, I realized just how bad my room had gotten when looking at that shot so I decided to have a proper tidy up and take  another one of the WHOLE room.  Here is a repeat of last week’s messy shot.


Clicking it will bring up a bigger view. Just popping back to add that if you want to get the app that I used to create this (and I used DH’s Android phone and a Google app, but also link an untested iPhone app)  you can find both linked in the post here.

Now here is THIS week’s shot.  Brace yourselves.


Now, there are a few oddities, it wasn’t a completely smooth merge.  You can see the four corners of the room marked by the arrows, just to give you the basic idea.  At those points there are some stretched or squished bits but overall it’s a pretty accurate view.

What is on my DESK at the moment is a bit of an experiment that I will have to finish up and report back on tomorrow.


It looks interesting I’m sure but it’s actually two halves with a technique on each half.  One was a success and the other … wasn’t.  Interestingly the one that I EXPECTED to work, that SHOULD have worked, didn’t, and the one that I thought was a long shot worked better than I expected.  But I really need to try again with a longer drying time with the logical choice before I’m going to write it off.  Then I’ll share both.  Sorry to seem mysterious but I just would rather be sure.

Happy WOYWW y’all!