Project Life quote – an experiment


I fear I am in danger of littering my blog with polls!  I am finding the results of the one for the white-on-kraft printables quite exciting – so sad, I know.

Here is where the voting stands so far:


I have another set I’ve been dithering about for a bit.  I quite like it, and the idea of how to use it, and I am only barely restraining myself from making it a poll as well!  So I’m just going to add it and perhaps may poll on the usefulness of it at some later date, as I have a stack of these sorts of quotes that I think would work this way.

It’s a two page PDF with oriented one PORTRAIT and one LANDSCAPE – each page has:

  • the quote, split across 3 small cards
  • the quote, in full, on a matching 4 x 6 cards
  • a trio of small arrows

Like so:


My thought is they can be used in a few ways.

  • 1. Use all three to make the full quote, in a row of pockets
  • 2. Use card 2 and card 3 side-by-side for a more overtly positive quote
  • 3. Use just card 1 for a not-very-good day (I can see that working in a spread about some tearful episode, matched with a final smiling photo.  Kids tend to do that, don’t they?)
  • 4. Scatter the 2 or 3 cards and use the arrows to direct the eye OR use the arrows to direct to a photo that applies.  You can point them any way you need to.

There may be more but those were sort of what I had in mind.


Two things to note – I printed that before I adjusted the sun – it’s more like the image above, thinner so less in-your-face. Next, the background is a bit pale in the PHOTO but it PRINTS (depending on you colour profile, obviously) more like the traditional yellow-tablet colour, again more like the image.

I spent yesterday on a task that was LONG overdue.  You’ll have to check back tomorrow for WOYWW to see the results.  {wink}


3 thoughts on “Project Life quote – an experiment

  1. Thank you! Love these!

  2. I LOVE these!! I know, I know — I love all of your cards! LOL! But these are already one of my favorites!! I just got the Project Life: Baby Edition core kit (for my new Granddaughter) and these will coordinate with that kit so well!! Not to mention that the quote is PERFECT for life with a new born!!! LOL! Thank you, Thank you!!!

  3. thanks so much for this nice cards ! they are so bright and useful !!!!

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