Weekly PL printable cards

What a frustrating day!  working on putting together my art journal and I ran out of acrylic medium.  Argh!  Luckily DH was in town and hopefully he’ll be coming home with a couple of tubes of it for me.  So as I was 90% done but dead in the water till I got more, I had to set that aside till tomorrow.  So I decided to wrap up a set of weekly card printables (week 1, week 2, etc, so a LOT of them…52 in fact {wink}) but  my design was more labour intensive than I thought it would be.  The decorative strip is actually two colours, a dark over a light, and the process even to change it from card to card is time-consuming.  Here is the screen grab of the first four:


Also the font – there was a lot of tweaking the kerning and the baseline, sometimes of individual numbers, to get it to look right.  I suppose I didn’t HAVE to do that, but I like them better because I did.

Then there was the colour choices.  I thought about going with a real mixture but I just couldn’t settle on a method and random wasn’t working.  So I picked a colour for every group of 4 and tried to go (sort of) from light to dark.  But then I was forever second guessing myself – should February be BLUE cause it’s a cold month (at least in my hemisphere) or RED cause of Valentines day?? Then I worried about months with 5 weeks in them – did I need to handle them differently?  Then I sort of kicked myself  and thought It’s not like I charge people for them – it doesn’t need to be this difficult! So I just regained a little focus and finished up to week 32.  It’s to late in the day to finish them now (dinner, family, etc etc) and the PDF would be ginormous, so I’ll split it in to two and do the rest tomorrow (before I even pop open the acrylic medium, I promise)

The colours are as seen here (well, depending on your monitor…)


You can click on that image and see them a little bit bigger, but not full size. It gives you enough of an idea, I hope, for you to know if you want to grab them or not!

If you do want them, here is the click.

NOTE: and the final weeks are in the post HERE. This is what they look like:


I am considering making the whole set in black and white (with the strip in shades of grey {no snickering – I’ve not read it but I don’t live under a rock so I know what some of you are thinking….} either all the same or light to dark, not sure, I’ll see when I play about what I like and how hard it is to do!) but I’ll see – comment if you want that but I can’t promise it’ll be tomorrow ….