So cool – the REAL WOYWW photo


OK, well really, I should have waited to add this next week for WOYWW as that way the people who care about seeing what’s on desks across the world will get to see it.  I’m not sure how many people who visit me then visit me on a regular basis.  ANYWAY, this Google camera app for creating a photo sphere is just the most fun. I have an iPhone but recently DH bought a job lot of android phones from China.  As an app developer he needs to be able to test things on a variety of platforms – we don’t really NEED 12 phones LOL! I suspect a little research into iPhone apps is in order to see if I can find similar or I’ll have to commandeer his phone on a regular basis…and indeed I found this one for the iPhone

Basically you pick the center of your sphere, then, standing in one spot you move the phone around, matching up little on-screen dots, till you fill the area.  Press the tick mark, and the app processes this series of photos into a photo sphere.  When viewing on the phone you can zoom in, rotate, shift up or down, side to side.  More complex than a standard panorama shot, which pans along a plane, side to side.  Photo spheres allow you to grab the floor and ceiling as well – Helen, take note!

SO, in the interest of full-disclosure, here is a shot of my WOYWW desk – The little area where you see the distress markers is the only area I often have to work in…eagle-eyed users will note that Julia’s blog appears on my left-hand monitor.  You will also see the Cricut is slightly warped (on the left there) and you can just see my UKS Blog Hop project, the photos surrounding my light fixture, hanging there at the top.


Usually I add a smaller version of a photo but I am trying adding the full version here – what I hope will happen is you will see the smaller size but if you click it you will see it bigger! It’s a monster – almost 6 mb.  Frightening, no?

I can see a whole new level of snooping for future WOYWW posts…nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide, the true state of my desk laid bare for all to see.  TMI? perhaps, but fun and clearly demonstrating that when I say my desk is a mess I am not lying


As to real projects, I have two sides of my envelope art journal to gesso then I can assemble it.  You can see the finished and dry pages there, just above my keyboard.  I’ve been dithering back and forth as to whether I should leave the flaps in place or cut them off.  I’m thinking cut them off at this point, creating a fold-over as part of the cover to hold any loose bits inside, rather than having a flap on every pocket page – that’ll make working on the pages easier….

13 thoughts on “So cool – the REAL WOYWW photo

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  2. Yikes..stand back! This is SO COOL! I will definitely be playing with this! Your room turns out to be H U G E! I love the ‘full disclosure’, you’re right, in time, it may be too revealing!! Beetling off to the App store just now…TFS

  3. o m g Mary Anne that’s an amazing app – the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth … :o)

  4. I love the way it makes your room look like it is curved! I tried this with my camera too. I will do it for the WOYWW birthday shot.

  5. Whoa!! That is so cool! I now want to take a picture of my entire space.. hahaha!!

  6. Wow, great view and great large space. Now what’s the view opposite? LOL

  7. Wow. I have a smart phone but don’t get into all the apps…. this is really cool though.
    Thank you for visiting me already!!!
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay (13)

  8. Now that is an amazing photo of your craft room and what a great app. I think I will continue to hide with my desk only photo or pics of the leek. Thanks so much for visiting.

  9. Woah for such a large photo it really does enlarge well, and quick when viewing on an android phone.

    Love the canvass of the figure standing on your ink pad rack too.


  10. Sorry, sphere photo….. 🙂

  11. Hello!
    I love your shere photo and I find it quite interesting – is this app already available, what is it called and where can I get it! I think it would also be very good for group photos! Thank you so much for letting us know about it!
    Lots of hugs,

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