Happy WOYWW.

What’s on my desk is not exciting. Chaotic, but not exciting….


There are some erasers, to be carved, including one that isn’t great, a bit of text and a couple of bits of  pattern


These are small erasers, about 3/4 inch x 2 and cheap (on sale at Staples) so perfect for experimentation,.  They carve well – any flaws are down to me.

On my ironing board are some of the large envelopes I am turning into an Art journal, drying


and a depressing sight, a totally empty pot of Gesso.


Best add that to my shopping list…

Stuck at home with no car for a couple more days but looking forward to getting it back repaired.  I’ve been ransacking the house for a crochet pattern I want to pass on to LLJ at the WOYWW crop in a few weeks time.  Can’t find it but found it online so turning that into a PDF.  It tempts me, as it’s a scrap yarn afghan and lord knows I have a lot of bits and pieces of yarn…I did find a couple of baby afghan books I think she will enjoy, one for the oddly named “pillowghan” – a baby-sized blankie than folds up to store inside a matching pillow case.

Toying with the idea of making one of the cards I brought back unmade from the Card Marathon too.  Might end up doing that while the envelopes dry.

Hope you are all having a good WOYWWednesday!