Cardmaking fun


I am EXHAUSTED.  The Card Marathon was lots of fun but my word you have to hustle.  The hall was quite nice, and the basket set-up, where all you needed (except for your tool-kit items) was a good one.  Having said that a lot of people ended up missing stuff thru the day when the previous user forgot to put everything back in the basket (I, myself, had to go hunting to find me follow-up person to deliver a small Memento ink pad – oh, the shame of it!) and occasionally the colours didn’t quite match the sample, perhaps because people put the wrong shade ink pad in the basket for example, but with everyone madly grabbing baskets and making cards, it went a lot better than I would have expected.  Julia (and Ally) run a tight ship, and certainly got their exercise passing around trays of cakes and handing out cups of tea and coffee.  And of course Lunch Lady Jan spend virtually all her time in the kitchen, setting out the cakes and producing a delicious meal to keep us going.

There were 25 cards in all, I’m told, but I got nowhere near that.  I made a solid 10, with two more where I took the “bits”, one which is no more than the die cut card (for a sort of card-in-a-box one) and one which is just the stamped image an a very vague idea of what the card is meant to look like.  Sure I must win the prize for the least cards done, I’m told that 10 is actually not too bad.

Want to see them? Not the best photos, but if you want to see the REAL samples (I tend to deviate from the plan, by error or by design so don’t take my samples as gospel!) pop to Julia’s and you will see them, eventually. Some have already been posted.

Love the tiny dot stamp that you can’t see much on the right card.  Kaisercraft, I’m sure.


Love these next two, maybe best of all, but note to self – Do cards with Stickles on them FIRST so they have time to dry.  You can’t see it at all in the photo but there is a scattering Stickles on the bold flower background, and some of the dots on stems are touched with Stickles too.



Another problem is hall tables – they are always so springy, in virtually every hall I’ve ever crafted in.  I should have taken the stamp over to the hard surface of the lunch-service bar and I bet I would have gotten a better impression. I just had to stick on the sentiment. Copic colouring, for the sewing one.  Very cute.


I stuck down the sentiment so you can see that card finished, and the one with the most  deviation.


The card sample had a more celery ribbon (my favourite green) but this one is more forrest.  I was “sharing” a basket with Laura from Ludgershall and used my Mowed Grass ink pad rather than the coloured pencil that came in the kit so we could pass the basket on.  Then I grabbed the ribbon and went Hummm. There was only one small bit of ribbon left so maybe there had once been a choice? I had a few scraps left after trimming the points (too sharp – may replace that from my stash)and  never saw the stamp that is supposed to go under the edge of the skirt, so I just added the ribbon scraps for a bit of a flounce.  Also I added the hanger paperclip.  A better look at it:


I’ll possibly ask Julia for the stamp at crop or find a suitable one in my stash, or leave it blank so I can customize it to the recipient.

These three are the last – I again had trouble with the large dictionary stamp and the springy table, but they did have extra card in most of the baskets so I got a better impression the 2nd go.


I added a few extra bits of Washi tape and more stars (ie I used all the bits from one of the die cuts, not just the two on the sample – don’t worry, I didn’t deny anyone by using more than my fair share!) and the last card, the ‘tashe is meant to be stamped on some flocked cardstock then cut and mounted image face down.  I liked the stamp so I just added it face up.

Phew.  I am not really a keen cardmaker but it’s been a while and I was getting down to the dregs of my stash – I may have had to resort to cutting the fronts off cards I had already given, mostly to my family, cause they never throw them away. So 3 months after the card-giving I collect them up from the window ledge or mantle and stash them back in my room LOL!

Sorting out a lovely BBQ for tonight, a bit of work, a bit of tidying, a mountain of laundry, and getting organized for the week as the car is going in to have the body work done so I’ll be trapped at home for 3 days. Meh.

6 thoughts on “Cardmaking fun

  1. So many pretty cards! I’ve never heard of a card marathon, but it looks like a really fun idea!

  2. Well I love your candid and warm review! There was METRES of the celery coloured ribbon, so I cannot account for that….and it looks very much to me as if by the time you got the basket, the stamps or ink pads were contaminated by wrong colours! That said, it’s still a good card – I love the green ink on the dress! Being trapped at home doesn’t sound too onerous, I must be honest..the laundry in my house is done..but OMGee the ironing and putting away….

  3. oh how fun! I have never done anything like that – I am totally intrigued by the idea. Awesome cards – I love the one with the leaves 😀

  4. Oh that was a marathon, well done on getting so many done. I especially like the 3rd and 4th cards.


  5. Great stash of cards made. Some good ideas there and I love all your results. What a marathon plan and prep Julie had!
    Jo x

  6. looks like you did pretty well – sounds a lot of fun if hard work for Julia to get it all ready. See you in May – yes, I’ll be there! I think your cards look fab – love the other with “my mother’s dress” and the dotty stems (still need that stamp!)

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