A selection of printable ATC backs

I thought as long as I was going to change the WOYWW ATC backs to make them more usable for all I might as well collect all the ATCs back I have made into one post for quick reference.  It certainly points up how bad I am about going back to add tags or categories info to older posts if I create a NEW tag or category.  I tend not to create one if I think there won’t be more than one thing in there.  But then I do more… DOH!

Clearly, the design I created is my favourite one as they are almost all variations on a theme….

Here are the Non-WOYWW portrait and Non-WOYWW landscape versions.


1. ATC back made with a Photoshop brush (made from a Graphics Fairy image) – post and download is here. There is another post here that shows how to make your own in your choice of colours – that post also has a linked Dropbox file for downloading the Photoshop brush.



2.  Another simple set – these are very much like the WOYWW ones, but different colours



3.  Yep – you guessed it – same basic design, but a chalkboard version.  Looks best written on with a white pen. Hunting thru my blog, I can’t seem to find that I shared these.  I can’t believe that I didn’t.  So here are the downloadable PDFs.  Landscape version is here, Portrait version is here.


4. Just for Gelli plate fans, yet ANOTHER version with a Gelli theme…..this sheet is mixed orientation, portrait and landscape.