Happy WOYWW!

Another busy day with DD off school, but waiting on my desk is the flip side of the art journal page I mentioned on Monday (the completed first side is back a post, if you care.) The book-paper edges are now flipped to the completed side till I finish this one, then you’ll see how it all comes together….


If you are doing the WOYWW ATC exchange, do feel free to go back to this post and download the printable backs, if you think they will help you.  I used them for the extra ATCs I made for swapping at the WOYWW crop  (which you can see here – none of the hiding-them for me, although the unique one for the official exchange is still under wraps) so I just have to fill them in!

Anyone else sharing their ATCs in advance?  Maybe I’ll see a few in progress as I hop, hop, hop…. {wink}


24 thoughts on “WOYWW 253

  1. It all looks very technical. Thank you for your visit. Karen #71

  2. Thanks for the ATC backs. They are awesome. Might spur me on to join the swap now.!
    Here from WOYWW, Happy Wednesday!
    Cathy #80

  3. Hi Mary Anne, I shall be getting your download for the ATc backs- when I get around to starting them! Glad someone found the link useful- I did the same as you, wrote the name on a narrow label, then smeared a bit of ink on it. I shall re-do them all now too. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #44 xx

  4. Love your pages – had a quick look back at your previous post too. Beautiful colours and textures.

    Many thanks for your lovely comment – glad you like the knitting! As for the naughty kitties, my hubby didn’t actually share the fish cake with them on this occasion but had I not been in the room, it might have been a different story! I am always amused that it’s my hubby they go for and not me – it didn’t take them long to learn that he’s a soft touch whereas I have a heart of flint when it comes to things like that!! Their intense expressions amuse me so much, and the craning necks lol!! Salmon is a firm favourite all round, isn’t it.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #12

  5. Nice background love all those colors, wonder what else gonna come on top of it… by the way really like your ATCs that stamp that you curved top! The number or letter stamps by the side are they your work as well?
    Thanks for dropping by and a happy sunshine xoxo Ruth

  6. I’m sure that flip page will end up as another of your super innovative techniques!
    Thanks for popping by,
    Jo x

  7. Hi again, Mary Anne. Hope this link helps for the “drag technique” – didn’t know what else to call it – it’s a Sheena idea.

    Have fun – and take heart – I get side tracked frequently on WOYWW as well!! Takes me all week to get round…
    Margaret #25

  8. Thanks for stopping by to peer under my desk! Looking at yours I think we all tend to do the same thing … work ourselves into the smallest imaginable section of remaining flat work surface! That’s a very familiar desk space / layout to me!

  9. Hi MaryAnne, guess what is arriving in the mail today? A honest-to-goodness gelli plate, I snagged the 8″x10″ one for $20 USD, pretty good eh and free shipping but honestly I consider it free because it was an item that allowed me to get free shipping and 25% off an order over $100 and my order was frames for a job so it would have cost me more if I did not get the gelli, how do you like that logic. Have fun at the WOYWW crap and thanks for stopping by, I have not linked up in months because I have not had time to snoop but I had to see what you were up to. I’ll be back after my gelli gets here too!

  10. It’s coming on a treat – can’t wait to see the finished page. Have a wonderful week, Chris # 35

  11. Thanks for sharing your desk and printables! …I do have some Freebies on my blog too 🙂
    Happy woyww!
    Jana #65

  12. Crayonning – wonderful! We have so many lovely new techniques these day, we forget the first.. but you haven’t – well done you. My ATCs are nearly ready – and a sneak peep is on the site today…
    Have a great week.
    Margaret #25

  13. Thanks for the ATC backs..they are perfect, I’ve downloaded both styles already. And thanks for linking to them – I did intend to, but my memory for things to do this week is a bit preoccupied!

  14. With 7 weeks to go, I’m still very much in the thinking stage. Nothing to see here! I love the quote in your previous post, it’s a favourite of mine.

  15. I will be doing extras, but have already made my backs. Thanks for this though, I will look out for them next time. #39

  16. MaryAnn you are being very creative and organised… You have made me think I need to do ATC ready for WOYWW, and I have not started, best get thinking about a design!
    Jackie 26

  17. That page will be beautiful with all those colours. I tend to ‘forget’ about my crayons and how lovely they are on backgrounds. I know what a Twofer is, in fact I’ve done one this week.
    Happy WOYWW
    Ann B

  18. G’day Mary Anne. Happy WOYWW day to you. I’m a returning WOYWW member after a long 6 months plus break. OOOHHH you are using my fav water soluble crayons…they are gorgeous and I can just image what the end result will look like!
    Annette In Oz #23

  19. If I make any in advance I could do.. ha ha! I’ve been trying to catch up with your posts since I got back from Paris, but you are so productive I am still behind! Helen 11

  20. It’s been so long since I used crayons was walking in a store the other day now they sell the small packages with tones and shades of colours was wild to see how far they have come along hugs Nikki 3

  21. Looking forward to seeing the outcome of your journal page.
    Krisha #19

  22. Oh wow, I do love crayons . . . I probably won’t get my atc made early enough to share it beforehand, lol!

    #13 this week

  23. I really enjoy your blog for you are very creative and inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing.

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