I had a good crop day, even if I didn’t actually CROP.  What I DID do was make a load of ATCs for the upcoming WOYWW crop and anniversary exchange.  Now I know some people like to keep their ATCs under wraps, but this is the lot I did for the “extra” exchange.  I’ll do a special one for the person above me exchange (or is it the person below? I forget, but am sure Julia will specify again) so not worried about showing these.  I figure most of the exchange will come AT the WOYWW crop so people will see them anyway.

When trying to decide on the design, I figured I should use the techniques that I am “known” for – that means Gelli prints and digital manipulation, I guess would be the best way to say it.  So these all have Gelli prints as the base, some printed bits, and the image of me that I manipulated and then carved on an eraser to make a stamp.


Not too bad in the end.  Not as perfect an image as the manipulated photo (and some of the ATCs do have a printed version on them instead of a stamped one, just for variety) but not too bad at all.


Can you tell the difference from a distance?  A few need final touches but overall the selection is done! And all of them are backed with my ATC back printables from yesterday so now it’s just the handwritten bits I need to add!

I was also super excited as Julia and I popped out to do some errands and stopped in (cause I begged) to Kraft Krazy – I wanted a few Kaisercraft stamps) and she still had some of the Clearly Better stamp pads!  I have the brown and black already but added a Graphite one to my collection.  They really ARE better for clear stamps.  I’m not sure they are still being made anymore but if you find them, grab them.   And I got two sets of border stamps I adore – used on the ATCs, I’m sure you will note.


Ah, now I am seeing the sun too, so best get that laundry done and hung out to dry….


9 thoughts on “ATCs

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  2. Terrific job – love the cards, and the personalized stamp. Well done!

  3. These are fantastic! Makes me want to try and carve a photo stamp.

  4. yowwzer !! These turned out amazing. I think I may have to have a go at the photo stamp, never tried it before-usually freehand cut.

    Loving the bright colours-I haven’t even thought about mine yet!!!!


  5. Great and interesting blog! I guess I should already know this but what does ATC stand for? Thanks!

  6. I want to carve a photo stamp but don’t have Photoshop, can’t really justify learning new software just for that application. Any alternative suggestions? I’ve tried sketching off a photo, but am not happy with the results. I don’t choose the right amount of detail. Thanks for any help.

    • The Gimp is free and basically like full Photoshop but if you don’t already know PS then it may take some time to figure it out. In the meantime, I’ve emailed you 🙂


  7. des ATC superbes!!! et le tampon fait maison superbement bien fait un grand bravo!!! je ne trouve pas de gomme suffisamment grande pour faire des tampons raisonnable
    bonne journée..

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