ATC backs for the WOYWW Swap (printables)


As I am off cropping today (and on my anniversary too – Love ya, Bubba, and thanks for 28 great years), and hopefully working on my ATCs, I thought I would share these with you – anyone who is doing the WOYWW 5th Anniversary ATC swap and who fancies some printable backs with the essential info on them can feel free to download these.  They are based on a set I made for Gelli print-based ATCs but I’ve always liked the design so I simply updated it. The WOYWW set looks like this:


My suspicion is that most people, when making a load of ATCs tend to make all portrait or all landscape, rather than a mix, so I made two sets – grab both if you need them but otherwise you can grab the LANDSCAPE set or the PORTRAIT (shown above) set and print 9 in a go.  They should print fine on A4 or US letter paper, as although the PDF looks like it goes right to the edge, when printed there should be a standard border around the printed image.  Let me know if you find otherwise and I can tweak them.

You can change the colour but if you really hate these and can’t manage it, LMK and I can sort it in moments.  I don’t want to add 50 different versions, but if I get requests for a handful of colours I might could add a few.

Sorry to readers who DON’T take part in WOYWW – if you like these and want a version without the WOYWW bits, again, comment and I’ll see what I can do, probably opting for a rainbow of colours rather than making a bunch of different sets…

5 thoughts on “ATC backs for the WOYWW Swap (printables)

  1. Love these, I always seem to forget about back of ATCS so having something similar to these might remind me to sign them etc. Would love them without the Woyww info but not worried about colour.
    . .

  2. Nice set of “backs”. I would love a set without the WOYWW if you are doing them at any time. I am just making a set of ATC’s for a meeting in August with my on line forum friends in Florida. I am non-techie!!!
    The ATC’s you made look really good. It did give me an idea for future use.

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  4. These are cool. I make my own backs, too. Nothing as fancy as yours, but I’m not the computer wizard you are, either. I made mine in WordPerfect, which I still use, even though the world went to Word many moons ago. I bet a few people take you up on this.

    • If people don’t care to make their own or like the idea of having ones easily printable that have the critical info already one them (ie the WOYWW 5th Anniversary exchange) then great. Maybe instead it will give people the idea to make their OWN version and that’s great too! I am all about the labour-saving LOL! I make 15 AYCs at the crop yesterday (took me the whole time and I still need to finish off a handful of them) but being able to just cut and stick the backs allowed me to spend the quality time on the FRONTS and walk away with at least 11 that are totally finished and ready to go….result!


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