Thinking about my WOYWW ATCs ….

So I am FINALLY getting to go to a crop tomorrow.  I’ve had a run of things getting in the way (and one month it was cancelled) so really happy this week it looks like all systems are GO! I don’t want to dar a load of stuff with me, and with the WOYWW crop and anniversary ATC exchange looming, I thought that might be a perfect way to spend the day.

I wanted to do something a bit interesting this year and had the idea to make my ATCs with something unique and personal.  And face it, aren’t all we WOYWWers curious to see not just the desks of our cross-the-world community members but maybe sometimes keen to see THEM?  Or maybe that’s just me… In any case, after carving the little eraser tip stamps I thought, as I so often do, I wonder if…?

For my first experiment I took that stencil image from one of my AJ pages and reduced him greatly then transferred him to a 25p eraser from the grocery store. They are NOT good.  Oh, they carve like a dream but they are convex, slightly.  Perfect if you want a small image in the middle, because the downward sloping sides keep the edges from printing without having to carve them, but NOT good if you want to make use of the whole area. Maybe you can see that the side didn’t print as clearly as I would have liked.

To transfer the image I simply printed it onto a scrap of vellum and pressed that onto the eraser.  Not good for fine detail, but perfectly OK for this sort of image:


You can’t see it with noting to give any perspective, but the face is approx. 1 inch x 1 3/4 inches.  Not big at all, I also only have ONE carving tool, that I got in a Club Scrap kit, OMG, must be 10 + year ago.  I also have ONE Speedball carving block that came with it (actually only a piece of it) so I wasn’t keen to dive in and risk ruining it without at least a LITTLE practice. I think it turned out pretty good.

So then I got a slightly more up to date photo of me (actually from my passport about a year back, so before I lost like 40 lbs. but still a reasonable representation, and scanned that, used PSE to posterize it then used the Sketch>stamp filter to simplify it for carving at such a tiny size.


LOL!  You know passport photos, you are never supposed to smile…. I suspect it might be hard to transfer with the vellum but I may give it a go on one of the cheap erasers, just to see how I get one before trying the Speedball block


I maybe can get two tries out of what I have left…and LOL!  I just notice in the photo the date is 2001.  I am a hoarder, clearly. I am fairly sure I am not going to get even as much detail as you can see, but I hope I can get something that looks at least a bit like me. And THAT will form, at least in part, the basis of my ATCs!  Of course you’ll have to wait till week 260 (I think that’s right) before you see the rest of it.  I have an idea that may work, but that I’m keeping under my hat for now.

I might just read up a little on stamp carving to get some tips…wish me luck.