I am so boring…


I have been busily playing with my needle-tip bottles but have nothing really interesting to share.  Stuff that I expected to work (that I bet everyone would expect to work) DID work, like writing with glue and adding glitter, but frankly it’s just not that exciting.  Maybe if you have beautiful penmanship it might be, but seeing my chicken scratch writing glittered is not a worth the bandwidth it takes to display it, I promise you.  The glue I have is the wrong sort to use with gilding flakes or foil.  I’ve tried writing with Dylusions (blobby, as expected, as is, better with acrylic medium added to the bottle) but then I have to ask myself…WHY BOTHER?  It’s interesting that I can do it, but no different in look or properties than writing with any other sort of ink.  I think these work amazingly well with paint.  That is why I bought them and unless I stumble across some insanely great off the wall other use for them I think I’ll stick to that.

So that leaves me with little to share today, other than that finished page – I hate to be so tedious, sharing the basic page, the page nearly done, the page finished…YAWN… but in this case I wanted to because there is evidence of actual journaling in this shot.  Just so you know I do actually do it, and not just say I still have to do the journaling…and…don’t. LOL!


I do particularly like how the title turned out…



I have a bit of an idea to try tomorrow, so maybe I’ll manage something NOT boring…


8 thoughts on “I am so boring…

  1. I think it’s a great page, not boring at all! Once again I love the depth and layers you’ve created on your page with the colors and tools you used. Wonderful!

  2. Mary Anne,
    Your work is never boring I always come back and check into the next, gosh I have you on email update because I love what you do with your gelli and your journal. You my dear are an inspiration to many people. Chin up and smile.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda

  3. Never boring, never. I loved your post and always love your art

  4. You are not and will never be boring Mary Anne – you’re an endless source of inspiration and I think you may have started a bit of a craze for those bottles! The acrylic paint looks really cool and I like Kyla’s idea about the bleach … AND I love the finished journal page :o)

  5. I agree, using paint in them is great….I cannot think of any other use for them either….maybe using some bleach in them to strip colour out of paper or fabric? That’s all I can think of.
    Love your journal pages.

  6. Hello and hello Maryanne,

    I am standing on the top of my soap box yelling:
    “Maryanne is not boring”

    OK, I will get off my soap box now.

    Happy thoughts, sunny days,

  7. Hi Mary Anne, so glad I am not the only one filled with outrage, lol. Love to see your journalling when I visit, whatever stage. How you use colour and texture always amazes me.Your work always leaps off the screen, its so vibrant. Have a great week, running around late this week, I lost Wednesday completely, lol. Hugs Shaz #55 xx

  8. You are not boring you are creative and inspiring.

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