another one of THOSE posts….


Happy Mother’s Day to the UK Mum’s.  Lucky me – I get TWO days ’cause I make the family treat me as both a UK and then as a USA Mom for THAT Mother’s day LOL! Funnily enough when DS came home from Uni for the weekend, with his backpack crammed full of a weeks worth of dirty laundry, I commented to him that the last thing I wanted to do on Mother’s Day was sorting out his laundry. He retorted quickly that he knew nothing would give me greater pleasure, which did make me laugh. And he’s probably right – I do love tending to my family. The cooking, the cleaning, the ministering to them when they are ill (as, actually, DD is at the moment, poor little sausage) is something I want to do for them ’cause I love them.

But then I do love my blogging too, so I took a moment during the current wash cycle to snap a few photos of stuff that happens to be on my desk at the moment.  Maybe there will be something useful here for you, even if the photos aren’t wildly exciting.

First, I was looking at an article in Craft Stamper about pencil eraser carved stamps.  A few months back I saw an Interweave video about making stamps (maybe it was an E-book free download, I really can’t recall at the moment) and had carved a super simple stamp from one of the many UK pencils with useless erasers (I don’t know why but they are so hard and not fit for purpose, not like the US #2 pencils I recall from my childhood) we have kicking around.  It was handy in my pen pot on my desk so I grabbed it.  The article suggests drawing a grid, which you then erase, in order to stamp the tiny images in an orderly fashion.  I had a quick little stamp of the +/x that I had carved (I thought I could use it to mimic cross-stitch stitching but never really used it) and saw that with this design the problem wasn’t just with laying out the stamped images neatly, but keeping the round pencil properly oriented.

See on the right?  The +/x goes every which way



Just adding a thin strip of Washi tape to the barrel of the pencil allows me to line it up to get the + or the X and keep them straight. A Sharpie line would work as well. The I thought about the whole grid thing – well, I hate drawing then erasing.  Even light pencil lines show up sometimes.  But then I spied a stencil off to the side.  Bingo.  I just stamped the little image thru the stencil.


Depending on the stencil and how you oriented it you could get straight lines or staggered ones or even a circle.  But you can see it works well.


I also have been itching to get some needle-tip bottles, for writing with acrylic paint.  I wanted some that were small, and a lot of them. I wanted proper needle-tip bottles, not just fine-tip ones.  I found them for what I thought was a pretty good price, and they are quite small, so if I wanted to change colours and rinse one out I wouldn’t be wasting a lot of paint.


I tried both filling with plain old craft paint, which is nice and thin and flows perfectly, and mixing heavy-bodies paint with water.  That worked less well, but I think I need to play with the ratio of paint to water.


The paint and water mix gives an interesting effect.


Slightly more blotchy, less defined, but I like it.  As you can see each little bottle comes with a tight-fitting airtight silicone capper that is attached right to the bottle.  I’m wondering if Liquid Pearls are thin enough to work in a bottle like this. …

But those are all thing to play with more on another day.  I can hear the washer spin cycle has just stopped so ….


6 thoughts on “another one of THOSE posts….

  1. Nice idea for the bottles. Thanks for the idea and the link 🙂

  2. I love craft stamper magazine! I wanted to try for the design team, but I didn’t get around to it before the deadline, maybe next time 🙂 I love the needle point bottles, something else I haven’t come across!

  3. Wow, Mary Anne – I was just reading your blog post email – I love that idea, what fab little bottles.. I have to get some of them! off to hit google now! Enjoy your English Mother’s Day xx

  4. sorry just realised I called you Mary Annie! It’s probably cause my fingers go into auto pilot from typing my own name so much!

    • I think the link to the shop where I got the bottles wasn’t there when the email version got sent to followers but it’s there now 🙂 The site is one that has something to do with e-cigs, I think then use the bottles for re-filling the vapour (?) cause I followed a link from some forum that Google popped out when I was searching, as the art supply bottles were either bigger or more expensive.

      LOL! Mary Annie…..

  5. Hey Mary Annie, love that little stamp idea and those bottles look really cool – where did you find them please?

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