If you liked my Endless Summer printables…


…you may also like these!  I went with the same colours first, because the pastel, ice cream shades work well for Spring too. Then I considered the fact that some people will want certain phrases in a more BOY colour and others will prefer a more GIRL colour, so I changed the backgrounds to reflect that.  The generic phrases are on the generic colours and the ones I thought were most likely to be used for a boy or a girl are repeated on the alternate colours IYKWIM.  It’s a 2-page PDF.


Now when I first made them the file was something like 10 MB.  Huge.  I did the trick I’ve mentioned before of using the Quartz filer to reduce the size.  So far as I can tell even at about 1 MB the concrete texture is retained, although it may print slightly…softened.  I don’t view this as a problem but if you do, comment and let me know.  I’d be interested…

Now DS is indeed coming home today for the weekend and staying thru Monday to go to a concert in Winchester, before returning to Scotland on Tuesday morning.  I’m treating it like my Mother’s day present! I may or may not find the time to post tomorrow, but only time will tell.  What I will do is add the link to this post in the Endless Summer post, so if yo come her looking for THAT, you’ll find this too!  And I may try to update my Printables menu item at the top so it has links to all the new printables I’ve done over the last few months.  I don’t take the time to do that as regularly as I should.  Best intentions and all that, but I do try to get to it eventually….

Shame I will lose an hour with DS when the clocks spring forward tonight – that’s what made me think to do these! Funny old brain…


3 thoughts on “If you liked my Endless Summer printables…

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  2. Thank you–always enjoy your blog and love the printable PL cards!

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