Art Journal page – Useless Beauty


As I was driving, and considering the art journal page sitting on my desk, a song came on my shuffle.  The title of the song by June Tabor, All this Useless Beauty, seemed the perfect title for an art journal.  If you fancy hearing the song, I found it on YouTube.

I’ve actually used another lyric from this song …when legends and history collide… for the title of a layout, so it clearly it’s a song that resonates with me. I dashed home to create the text, then came to a point where I was of two minds for how to place it.  thinking back to a quilting video I sam many months ago, I recalled a trick that the quilter used (but not WHO it was LOL!) when working on freestyle quilts – she snapped photos of different arrangements, both to remember them as she shuffled things around, and to use the visuals to help her really SEE the differences the altered arrangements made to the final piece.  So I figured why not try that?

I thought maybe a left alignment might be interesting:


That seems to show off the background a little better, with more areas available for further additions.  Then I thought more maybe centred might be better:


THAT makes the doily background look more starburst-y  but the random stamping isn’t in exactly the places I would have put it if the title had already been there, IYKWIM. The tiny text repeats a bit of the lyric, cause when I look at it I can’t help but sing it in my head.


Still not sure, so I might have to look at the photos a little bit more before I stick it al down and do the final bits. What do YOU think?  Can’t promise I’ll pay any attention to opinion, but it’s always interesting to know what people prefer and more importantly WHY they prefer one over the other. Feel free to wade in….

Just a shot of the big letters.  I still love these stamps possible 10 years on since I got them…


Spent way too much time yesterday trying to sort out my internet connection.  Why is it an upgrade has felt more like a downgrade?  {sigh}


8 thoughts on “Art Journal page – Useless Beauty

  1. Awesome page, either way! But, I just have to ask, are those Fontwerks Steelfish stamps?? If so, what a blast from the past! Yes, 10 years sounds almost exactly right. Will have to “fish” out mine now, they look so cool, what’s old is new again, LOLOL. xoxo

    • LOL! Yep, I am pretty sure they are – these are the foam ones, although I have the same font in 2 other sizes, as clear stamps by Banana Frog (sadly no longer making stamps but I do occasionally see Bev at the ice rink where her kids and my DD skate – I should ask about old inventory…:))

      I love dragging out something ancient and making use of it – and you hit the nail on the head…if enough time goes by the old stuff really DOES feel like it’s brand new all over again.


  2. Love that you followed through with your idea and created it! the lettering is very catchy, like it a lot as with the bold colors. thank you so much for sharing.

  3. I’m late to WOYWW again, so thought better to comment here. I love the background, that batik effect is a stunner. As are the colours. I love the text, and the inspiration for it…and I prefer the first arrangement of text on page….but I imagine the way you work that the opinion is now moot!!

  4. Nice interpretation of a great song! Written by Elvis Costello, by the way.

  5. I really like the first one. I think the background you created is stunning and it would be such a shame to cover most of it up. 🙂

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