Another odd WOYWW post this week – a real conglomeration of things! First, the obligatory desk shot – an art journal page .




Liking it so far but still lots to do.  I needed an “opening” page but wasn’t sure what I wanted to do.  Driving to the store yesterday a song lyric came to me as the perfect quote.  Hopefully I’ll finish it up today!

Next, we got a BIG box of goodies from DH’s Aunt and Uncle for DH’s 50th.  They are some of the COOLEST people I know – Aunt is amazingly artistic and clever (she’s the one who copied a mini-book I sent with DH on one of his visits, and re-created it so I would have a copy) and Uncle was on the team at PARC that developed the mouse (the computer mouse).  Everything was meticulously wrapped by Aunt, each gift had a card, a funny poem that hinted at the gift, and they were all of a theme.  One of the gifts I quickly appropriated.  The poem says:

Golden ever
Olden never!
Let’s stick together
no matter the weather

and what was inside?  Only GOLD Duck Tape!



And finally, after a brief email exchange with a commenter, I’m going to add this 4-page PDF of blank scribble printables for Project Life fans:


She asked for blanks to use in her art journal rather than for scrapbooking. Nothing special to make but happy to oblige! Others may find them useful too.

Hoping for a clear day (well, till skating anyway) for some lovely desk hopping and hoping too to settle on a design for my ATCs.  I hope to make more than one but less than 100 with an idea to trade at the WOYWW crop, so I better get started…

Happy WOYWW.