Scribbles on Kraft

Just wrapping this up.  A commenter asked about a blank version of the printables for printing on kraft cardstock.  I may have misunderstood and thus done more than required, but that is something I tend to do …

The problem is no printer has WHITE ink in it.  The only way you can print something that APPEARS white is to print everything but the white.  The white you see is merely the white background card showing thru.  So there is no way to put kraft cardstock in your printer and print a sheet of white text over it.  The only way to accomplish that is to create kraft coloured blocks and print THEM on white cardstock.  Like so:


It had already occurred to me that perhaps kraft would be a useful option, but also that having a black and a brown version might ALSO be helpful.  That would allow them to be printed on ANY colour cardstock (or even lightly patterned paper) to suit your page. Problem there is that the text just floating on the page may not make sense to everyone.  So I made these two, with very faint pale grey boxes, just so you can see to cut the 3×4/4×3 blocks.  It also makes it easier to cut 5 different colours of cardstock, stick them to  the plain-paper print positioned over the blocks, then print again so the text prints on top.


This 3-page PDF has the kraft version and both the black and brown ones.  And I’ll have to remember to create kraft versions in the future….