That other set of PL printables

NOTE:  Look here for the plain black and brown text and a white-on-kraft version.

Well, it turns out my emergency set of printables isn’t needed so I’ll go ahead and add them here.  If you do Project Life you may want to pop on to UKS to the Team Project Life forum – there might be info or prompts that interest you.  You won’t be able to download the printables without being a member, but you should be able to read the prompts and the discussions.  You can preview the set for this month and see all past printables from the UKS Home Page.  Just click the link in the list to see the post. There are some PL downloads but also many other general scrapping downloads there.  Members of at least 30 days (or with a post count over 20) will be able to download.

Here is my set – the prompt this month was doodling so mine have a doodle-y  style.  I figure they won’t be appropriate to a later prompt so there is no point in holding them for a later date.  I made ’em so I might as well share them….


Depending on the interest I may make an alternate colourway – feel free to drop a comment with anything that you would like to see.  As you know from some of my past posts, changing colours or substituting a different word is pretty simple.  I wouldn’t make a set with your kid’s names, as that wouldn’t have universal appeal {wink} but any generic and useful words or colours and I would certainly consider it.  If you fancy a blank set, comment to say so.

But this set has some scope for easy alteration – if you wanted, careful use of either a punched circle or a die could remove or cover the text.  FOCUS and A PERFECT MEMORY work perfectly with a 2″ circle (HIGHLIGHT THIS is ever so slightly bigger but so close I think it would work OK.  SPOTTED would work too so long as you don’t mind covering a bit of the scribbled circle.) TINY DETAILS covers with the standard circle – is it 1″ or 1 1/4″?? My size notation has rubbed off but I think it’s CALLED a 1 inch circle even if the measurement is more like 1 1/4 inches.  Just grab a punched circle or two and give it a go. The font is called Mia’s Scribblings so you can match the style of mine.  I made the scribble circles myself but there are surely freebies out there.

Have fun with them and I hope you find them useful.