Quick printables

I had to take a few minutes this morning and make a se of back-up printables for the UKS Team Project Life challenge (just in case the set I’m waiting for doesn’t appear in time) and while I was browsing my “style file” of ideas to explore I found this set as well so I finished them off.  I rather like them.  I’ve done both a page with words and a page of blanks in the 2-page PDF – the blanks will work great if you want to journal in the white arrows, or if you want to print your own word over the top – or as a strip to stick on.  The blanks can be rotated any which way so the arrow points where you want it to, portrait or landscape, while the ones with words are oriented in a particular way.  Some might look ok slightly rotated, depends on the look you want.



Depending on whether or not I need the Team Project Life ones, I may add them in the next few days.  They were created with the prompt for the month in mind so possibly not something I can hold on to for the future.  We’ll see….