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Pretty text printables

We have an anniversary approaching so these printables have been dancing about in my head.  I’ve done them two ways.  The first is the PDF – the colours are shown.



Now, the issue with these is the small white circles, intended to invoke wedding rings.  That makes changing the colour by using the magic and a little trickier.  I made a PSE layered file, but WordPress doesn’t allow me to share that here, I would have to use Dropbox, or something like that.  I also made a .png file, although it still has the same problem.  Feel free to grab both and play with them.  The PNG is coloured lighter and prettier, perhaps, so between the two hopefully you will get what you need.



You should be able to right-click the above and download the .png.  Let me know how you get on.  I think these would work nicely for wedding or anniversary related PL pages, but I think they could also be used for a topper on a very simple card.  They look lovely printed on textured paper.